Kyle Richards Once Went on Vacation With George Clooney and Forgot it Ever Happened

"I never put two and two together," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills jet-setter admitted.

Kyle Richards has been swiftly ticking off her bucket-list travel destinations over the years, private jetting to exclusive resorts so routinely that she simply blanked on what might have been the biggest travel moment of almost anyone else's entire life. Case in point: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom once went on a vacation with George Clooney and totally forgot about it until years later, when she got the part of a nurse named Dori Kerns on the medical drama ER.

“The first day I was on the set of ER my friend said to me, ‘I can’t believe you’re going to see George again, that’s so cool,’” she told People's Dan Wakeford while in conversation at a special event at the 92Y in New York City. “And I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ And she started talking about this trip we went on and I was like, ‘Wait a minute — that George was George Clooney, the Sexiest Man Alive on People magazine?!’”

She never made the connection.

“I never put two and two together,” she admitted. “I was friends with him when I was a teenager. So that first day I was shooting ER, he came up to me and he was like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ I was like, ‘I cannot believe he remembered and I didn’t. This is so embarrassing.’ He was just so sweet and down to earth. So lovely.”

And now we can't help but wonder what other fabulous vacations Kyle might not recall having taken at all!

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