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Musings by Maloof

Tardy to the blogging party, Adrienne Maloof talks about her relationship with her husband and her Kurv Magazine photo shoot.

Fashionably late to the blogging party, I want to start by thanking all the fans that tuned in to catch the season premiere of RHOBH -- what a crazy couple of weeks it’s been! To quote a previous Housewife, I hate to be “tardy for the party”, but after a whirlwind media tour in NYC, keeping up with the Maloof family businesses, and maintaining my role as matriarch to my husband and children, it’s been hard to find the time to even sleep!
That said, I just caught the second episode last night and there a few things I want to touch on: First I want to start by saying that turkey chili does not, nor will it ever, sound appealing to me. Though a bit uncomfortable at the time, I feel that the cameras really caught a genuine moment between me and my husband at lunch -- the scene was really true to our character. Like every couple, we find that it doesn’t take much more than a lunch special to push each other’s buttons. Hey, we’re human!
And then there’s Vegas. First off, I couldn’t have been more honored that Kurv Magazine wanted to feature me in such a gorgeous spread. But geez, I don’t know how these models do it because I found it to be much more difficult than it looks. Its one thing to pose solo, but it’s quite another to pose with a handsome, underwear-clad model while your husband gives you the evil eye from across the room. At the end of the day it was a GREAT experience and something I hope I get the opportunity to do again in the near future –- and by the way, how handsome did The Palms look in those photos?
It’s an uneasy feeling not knowing what will make it to air and what will get edited out, but I must say that so far it’s been a blast watching our lives unfold on national television! Really looking forward to seeing what comes next and to interact with all the fans throughout the season. Until then, I wish you all a fantastic week and can’t wait to hear what you think of the show…. Thanks!
And P.S. I still just don’t like turkey!