Adrienne Maloof

There are certain things men just should not do, so Adrienne Maloof remind you of them for good measure.

on Jan 14, 2011

There were a lot of really touching moments in this episode, moments that reflected family dynamics, rites of passage, change, and self-discovery. There was also a really important lesson for all of us in this episode.

Ladies, don't ever, EVER take your husband shopping for clothes with you.

It's funny how we think it's a good idea, or at least a manageable one. We tell ourselves that this time will be different; this time will be a bonding experience-–or at least a fun one.


Or rather, wrong.

Mauricio's mother spoke with Paul and I about approaching things as a team, and I agree with that philosophy for some experiences. When it comes to shopping however, not so much. Is there a husband handbook somewhere that encourages them to suggest the clearance rack every time without fail? I think I'm benching Paul on the next shopping trip. Commit too many fouls and you foul right out of the game, right?