BH Producers

Showrunner Dave Rupel answers a ton of viewer questions before the holiday.

Dec 22, 2010

Wow! So many responses and so much debate about last week’s episode about Camille’s dinner party -- this week’s blog will be strictly answering your questions.

Question: “WindyCityWondering” (as well as several others) asked for more Beverly Hills and less fights. 

Answer: What can I say? You can’t please all the people all the time. I don’t mean that to sound glib. If you read all the responses to my last blog, some people loved all the drama, and some didn’t. Also, the previous two episodes contained zero fighting among wives. 107 revolved around Kim’s blind date in a $55 million dollar mansion, and 108 had two funny stories: Lisa’s driving test and Kim’s barbecue with “Single Gary,” and two dramatic, uplifting stories: Kyle’s bike-a-thon to raise money for cancer, while Taylor raised money for a domestic violence charity, something she revealed she witnessed as a child. While Windy, I hear what you are saying, it’s my job to tell a variety of stories. 

Q: True Grit believes there is a connection between the show Medium and Allison Dubois’ appearance on RHBH because Bravo is owned by NBC.

A: Understandable theory, Grit, but not the case. Medium was actually cancelled by NBC two years ago and has aired on CBS for the last two years. So no, there was no NBC corporate connection there. Also, Medium was cancelled by CBS weeks before Allison’s episode aired and Bravo would never give CBS an advance copy since they are a competitor of our parent company.

Q: CNM (as do many others) thinks we “struck gold” with this franchise. 

A: Thanks CNM. We think this cast is pretty fantastic and very unique as well.
Q: HeideBlue thinks the show is becoming the “Kyle and her mean girls posse” show.

A: What’s fascinating for me as a producer –- and someone who has studied human nature for years as a producer –- is the litmus tests these shows provide in how the audience react to certain people.  A lot of the audience loves Kyle.  A lot of the audience think she’s a bully. And there seems to be no consensus to who is in the wrong about the Kyle-Camille feud.