BH Producers

Showrunner Dave Rupel answers a ton of viewer questions before the holiday.

Dec 22, 2010

Q: ViewerBonnie wants to know if we’ve ever considered doing a version of "The Real Housewives of Walmart?" 

A: We get variations of this questions a great deal -- about doing a Housewives show about middle-class or lower class income families. I think the thought behind all these shows is that they are a bit of escapism and fantasy –- kind of like the prime time soaps, Dallas, Dynasty, and Falcon Crest were in the 80s. Even Knots Landing –- my personal favorite –- which started out with car salesman Sid quickly glammed things up with having Sid die and being replaced with a more glamorous spouse for Karen with Mac. Not to mention adding the uber glamorous Donna Mills and Nicolette Sheridan. I do think a “Walmart Wives” show would be equally fascinating –- it might just fit better on a different network.

Q: June London says listen to the psychic. Kyle and Camille are making things up for good TV.

A: If that claim were true, I’d be the biggest fool in the world. I have spent more hours -– both in person and on the phone –- with all six of the women at various points of the season who were incredibly upset about the dramatic things that have really happened all season long.

Q: Nola Chick is asking us not to shy away from tough questions at the reunion. 

A: Nola, we are compiling viewer questions as we speak for the reunion, so please keep sending them in. If you’ve seen other Housewives reunions, you know Andy Cohen doesn’t shy away from much.

Q: BeverlyHills Fan wants to know if things ever get so out of control that the producers either have to physically intervene, or just stop shooting.

A: Good question, BH fan. Personally, I have never had to physically intervene, though I would not hesitate, if needed. As for when arguments get really intense, yes, we have stepped in and stopped things. There is a fine line as a producer of getting the necessary drama, but also realizing when things are getting out-of-hand and it’s gone too far. In the New York fight of 105-106, we indeed did step in and shut things down. The reasons are always complicated. For one, we were deep into overtime that night, and had a two big shoot days coming up. If you kill your crew, and they are too tired to keep shooting –- what’s the point?  But more importantly, you have to be willing to acknowledge that these are real arguments prompting real hurt feelings. In NYC, the drama just became repetitive and the women were so freaked out –- being there first big on-camera argument –- it was time to sit with them and let them vent, cry, yell at you, and hug them –- in no particular order. 

At Camille’s dinner party, I was a few minutes away from intervening (again, because of overtime and the fight was becoming repetitive.) In my head, I was really hoping one of the women would stand up and end things. I thought Adrienne might do that, but much too my shock, Taylor did.