BH Producers

Showrunner Dave Rupel answers a ton of viewer questions before the holiday.

Dec 22, 2010

Q: TL, SGee, and Mommabear all believe we shot the original Kyle-Camille conversation in Las Vegas and are purposely choosing not to show it.

A: This question has been asked and answered multiple times.  In my fifth blog, “Working Overtime,” I talk about it extensively. But the short answer is no, we were not shooting that day. We don’t shoot every day. We apparently shoot a lot less than you might think. During our shooting schedule, we have three crews, shooting five days a week. Each Wife generally shoots 2-5 days a week. It’s not economically feasible to shoot each cast member 24/7. Big Brother –- which I worked on the second season –- is the only show that I am aware of that does that. But their cast is always in one location, which makes it much different.

And finally, the real story is actually what you’ve heard on the show. The only three people around when the conversation took place were Kyle, Camille, and Kim. The rest of the crew were busy loading the 75 cases of gear into cargo vans to get to the airport. See my third blog, “Many Thanks” that explains just how much work goes into taking the show on the road.

Q:  FTWTX wants to know if there will ever be any special episode showing the interviewing process.

A: Interesting idea, though nothing like that is currently in the works. I will say that it’s pretty similar to standard journalistic interviews. The only difference is that we ask the talent to put our question into their answer, so that there answer makes sense without hearing the question. That’s a pretty standard technique for most reality shows.

Q: A Disgusted Viewer wants to know that the last few episodes have been stacked for drama and are a real turn-off.

A: I hear what you are saying, but for a lot of people, they enjoy these kind of shows. And I’ll just repeat my previous answer that the two episodes that preceded this one were conflict-free.