BH Producers

Showrunner Dave Rupel answers a ton of viewer questions before the holiday.

Dec 22, 2010

Q: Karentc wants to know what I found funny about this episode. 

A: Well, Karen, as I stated in my last blog, I in no way wanted to make light of all the hurt feelings and tears shed the night of the dinner party.  However, looking back, I can find various things funny. Allison’s facial reactions were priceless to me –- and so was her vapor cigarette. When Camille brought up Faye’s Playboy issue and referred to liking her “spread” –- well, the ladies at the dinner table cracked up, and so did I. When Kim walked into the planter on the way out, I laughed. Not at her, but because it was classic Kim. She was the only lady gracious enough to formally thank Camille for extending the invitation –- then promptly walked into a plant. That reminded me of something that Mary Tyler Moore would have done on her sitcom. And finally, the sprinklers being turned on as the ladies exited –- it was just a fitting and unbelievable thing to end a totally unbelievable night.

Q: And finally, LRSCM says thank you for blogging.

A: You are very welcome, LRSCM.  Hey, it’s Christmas. Did you really think I was going to end on a criticism?  ;) 

On behalf of the roughly one hundred behind-the-scenes crew and staff that it takes to produce The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,  thank you for letting us into your homes! Have a safe and joyous holiday season! See ya in 2011!