BH Producers

Showrunner Dave Rupel explains the painstaking clearance process.

Nov 4, 2010

So while you’re watching all the happy guests at the parties, keep in mind there are behind-the-scenes crew people scurrying about making sure that everyone who needs to get released, does. 

Another aspect to clearance? Artwork. Every painting, poster and professional photograph has to be cleared, or it too has to be blurred. (Look around your home. Do you know the artist responsible, and beyond that, how to contact them? Yeah. Most people don’t. So we wind up doing a lot of detective work.)

Finally, those delightful clips from the first episode?  Kyle in Halloween and Kim in Escape to Witch Mountain and CHiPs? Every person who is shown has to give written approval before we can use it. (And don’t get me started on costs, because showing clips is incredibly pricey.) Our team found a delightful clip from an episode of CHiPs, in which Kim’s character is literally on the ledge of a tall building, being talked out of jumping by Erik Estrada’s Ponch.  Being able to include the CHiPs exchange of, “You don’t know how hard it is, Ponch.” “Yes, I do, baby.” That’s a priceless moment of classic '80s TV. Thanks for playing ball, Erik.