BH Producers

Showrunner Dave Rupel offers his take on each of the Beverly Hills Housewives.

Oct 28, 2010

Greetings RHBH fans. Welcome to my second blog and thanks for all the nice compliments about the show! It’s really interesting to see what people like and what they’re curious about.  I’ll get to your questions in a moment, but first, here’s the answer to the question I ended blog no. 1 with. Did you spot my Hitchcock-style cameo in the first episode? I’m assuming not since a) you don’t know what I look like and b) it was the back of my head on the plane ride to Sacramento.

Yup, that’s the back of my head in-between Kyle and Kim. Normally, I do my best to avoid being on camera, but that plane only sat 12 people, so I didn’t have a choice. 

Now, on to your questions!  I promise to answer as many as I can, as honestly as I can.

Two quick non-RHBH ones first. 

I was pleasantly surprised by all the Bug Juice fans out there.  It is not only one of my all time favorite shows I’ve worked on, it was also my first collaboration with Evolution Media, the company that produces RHBH.  (But sorry to disappoint you, Kathy. I only worked on the first season of Bug Juice, so I don’t have the answer to the contraband question.)

I was even more shocked for some of the love for Real World: London. And yes, Neil getting his tongue bitten was quite memorable. (But imagine the production team’s dismay to have our wittiest cast member rendered mute for several weeks!) I’m glad there are still some fans!

Other Casts
Evolution Media produces RHOC and RHBH, but all the other franchises are produced by other production companies, so sorry to say I don’t have any inside dish for you there.

Housewives in other cities
Multiple people asked about having a Housewives show in their city. That’s up to Bravo, but I firmly believe you could find an interesting cast in just about any city, but there is one city in particular that I am mystified that Bravo hasn’t attempted a Housewives in. Dallas! I think people in Dallas are so unique and a franchise there would be a hoot!   

Do the women get to have topics they won’t discuss?
Not really. The women all know that when they sign up for the show, their lives need to be open books. The one exception to that really is their kids. We do shoot with the kids, but we are not there to exploit them -- so that is the one thing the Wives have a little wiggle room with.