BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel admits that even the crew had an amazing time at the White Party.

Jan 7, 2011

Secondly, I want to point out the background music that our two composers, Alan Lazar and Mike Biardi, wrote and recorded for us. One of the Evolution Executive Producers, Douglas Ross, always likes to say that he wants the music in our show to feel like it's scored like a movie, And I think Alan and Mike (and our editors who place the music into the show) did a fantastic job of making Doug's goal a reality. I'm mentioning the music in this episode because of one moment in particular. When Taylor decides to leave the party early (after Russell already left) and she's standing alone at the curb, we created an awesome juxtaposition of the rest of the party attendees having a fantastic time, while Taylor cries in her interview about wishing she and Russell could have that kind of fun in their marriage. The natural sound of the party fades away as the beautiful and very melancholy music cue builds in volume.

It's one of my favorite moments of the season. I tip my hat to Alan and Mike and to editor Blake West for creating that stunning sequence that still brings a tear to my eye when I see it.

Now, on to answering your questions!

Question: Danielsan52 loves Kim and Kyle and wants to make sure they are in Season Two.

Answer: We're still working on Season One, but we all love Kim and Kyle, too!

Q: TaminOhio thinks I was crazy to state that there is no consensus in who is right in the Camille and Kyle feud.

A: Tamin, you are correct that the majority of fans out there seem to be Team Kyle. But I have seen a decent amount of Team Camille fans out there as well.