BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel admits that even the crew had an amazing time at the White Party.

Jan 7, 2011

Q: Iwrks wants to know the name of Lisa's rosette dresses is?

A: The designer of Lisa's dresses with rosettes is Christina Makowsky. Lisa visited her showroom in episode 106 when the ladies traveled to New York.

Q: Carol Erwin and Melvilyn believe we altered episodes after their first airing.

A: Sorry, viewers. We don't alter episodes for reruns, because it's too cost prohibitive. As for your specific examples, as I've stated many times before, we did not shoot the original argument between Camille and Kyle in Vegas. What you are probably remembering is Camille telling Lisa about her argument with Kyle while shopping, while at the same time, Kyle was telling her daughter, Farrah, also while shopping. We also were not shooting when Taylor told Camille the other ladies had discussed her being "insecure." You are most likely thinking of the Taylor and Kim conversation in the airport.

Q: Bessi wants to know what I think of Allison DuBois (Camille's' friend and medium, who appeared in 109), who is claiming she looked bad on our show all because of editing.

A: That's what every person who's ever appeared on a reality show and didn't like how they came off says. I've already referred to that episode as an instant classic, and I believe it is. I do agree with Allison that Faye helped kick the fight up to another level by accusing Allison of not telling the truth. But that's included in the episode.

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