BH Producers

Dave Rupel discusses the end of the season, and attempts to answer your burning questions, in this week's blog.

Jan 20, 2011

Wow. How time flies. It feels like just yesterday we had our (off-camera) kick-off dinner with the cast before we began shooting, and now, here I am blogging about the finale. It’s been a wild and challenging year, but I am grateful that the audience has embraced the show so warmly.

I’m not gonna lie. We work very long hours in the reality TV world, and it’s a lot more fun to be on a hit show than one nobody is watching! So thanks to all you fans for tuning in each week!

About the finale: Once again, I have to give a shout out to our awesome crew, who never failed to amaze me with their constant ingenuity and creativity.

First, at the Tony Awards, we weren’t allowed to shoot at the Awards, and were surprised when Radio City Music Hall wouldn’t let us shoot the red carpet arrivals, which we really wanted to show off Kelsey’s big star turn. But Producer Christopher Cullen quickly solved the problem by having Kelsey roll down his limo window so we could hear the audience’s thrill of seeing him in person. And I am forever wowed by the final image of Kelsey and Camille getting out of opposite doors of the limo–so symbolic of what was happening with their marriage.

And now about that other limo ride… the one with Kim and Kyle. Major props to Camera Operator Beth Kochendorfer and Audio Mixer Jenny Green for capturing all that drama in the limo! If there was an Emmy category for reality camerawork, Beth would have won it hands down for her flawless work in that limo.

As for what was said in the limo, well, Kyle’s outburst was a long time in coming. Perhaps now all the people who think Kyle is too mean to Kim will understand her constant frustration with her sister.

Now, on to your questions!