Camille Grammer

Camille admits that getting to know the other gals, means she had to learn how to not offend them.

on Nov 18, 2010

Well in writing this week's blog I wonder: where do I begin and where do I end. Throughout the rest of the season, more and more will be revealed about the women who have bravely chosen to be a part of the RHOBH. Please keep in mind that the camera does not catch every moment of everything that we do in our lives. The end result of what is seen on TV is only part of the story, and that is why we write these blogs and use other venues to give more insight into ourselves and what was going on for each of us throughout the season.

The shooting for the RHOBH was completed quite awhile ago, so what you are seeing now is the beginning of our relationships. At least for me that is true, because the only person that I knew at all before the beginning of this show was Adrienne. The rest of these women were virtual strangers to me. 

The story line of this week is really the ending of last week's story. So forgive me if I repeat myself. I want to start off by reiterating that I truly wanted all of the women from the RHOBH to come to New York to see the premiere of my husband's play. I was not in New York only to play hostess to these women. In fact, I was there to have time with my family. We had been spending so much time apart and I was so excited for myself and my kids to be able to spend some quality time with their father. I was happy to entertain my friends, as I always am, but please understand that this was not my main purpose for this trip.

I was so excited when the women got into town and I wanted to meet them at their hotel to make sure everyone felt welcome. I did only have a short time to visit with them because I had to be at another dinner with my husband that night. I know that I mentioned before that I was anxious about seeing Kyle because some time had passed since we had seen each other. So I will mention it again, but it was hardly a big deal. If I didn't want everyone including Kyle there, I simply would not have invited them. I had no idea that kind of drama was part of the package for this invitation.