Catherine Ommanney

D.C. veteran Catherine Ommanney shares her take on this season of 'Wives, including of course, her fellow Brits.

on Feb 3, 2011

Kim: Aside from the rumors of her problems, I think she is out of place living in Beverly Hills. She is just not that kind of woman, so no wonder she feels so insecure and lonely. Showyness and glamour don't seem to be her thing, and so keeping up with the Jones was never going to happen. I liked her, and felt very sorry for her. I don't think she was settled enough to be able to deal with doing the show, and I think her sister should have known that. I hope she's better now.

Kyle: Really liked her at the start but after seeing her get so angry and frustated all the time and then crying so much, she wore a little thin towards the end. I also fundermentally think she should have sorted out her sister a little more, as I saw her as a bit of a bully. It easy to see Kim is in a bad place, weak, and vunerable, and Kyle I think should of let some stuff go. But she seems like a great Mom, great hubby and relatable for sure.

Lisa: Last but not least, Lisa. Well, I just adored her and Ken from the minute they came on the screen (and no, it’s not just because they are Brits!!). Their whole family unit was such a delight to watch. Her kids are fabulous and they seem to both be really great parents. They are both totally geniune, real, hugely entertaining to watch and seem to have the kind of marraige that most people aspire to having. Very lucky and a real inspiration.

I was on to slimey Cedric from the start though. Who talks on TV about a past like that in a restaurant in front of people? What a con artist! And the fact that he packed his stuff in Ken's cases when he left says it all. Good riddance! I felt sad for them both having been so generous and loving to such a scum bag.

He also wore those vile budgie smugglers (speedos). Lisa should have thrown him out just for that offense!

So theres my take on the show. I know first hand after D.C., that observations can be sooo wrong and unless you personally know these women you can be completely way off. (There is my waiver!)

Sad it's over. I won't miss seeing a couple of those faces, but I already miss a few! I can see a long lunch coming in Villa Blanca soon when Lynda and I are in LA!

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