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Heartthrob on Paws

Giggy's a touch ticked he didn't get set up on a blind date, but he still shares his secrets with us.

Well I am back after two long weeks of me keeping my woofs to myself! After last episode's catastrophe--actually, would you mind if I used dogostrophe? I have trouble with that other word--mistress's good friend Mohammed had a party for her. I am lucky that he adores me, so I was invited too. (But I have to say in the past, I've seen mistress put her paw down and refuse to go if I, the Gigster, haven't been included.) I knew it was important as mistress was dressed up like a dog's dinner. This was no affair for any old dogsbodies. No mutts or mongrels there.

In regards to Martin and Kyle's litter mate, Kim, I thought mistress was barking up the wrong tree. I think she should put her efforts into finding a perfect match for ME! I'm the quintessential love dog...the heartthrob on paws. I am a four-pound, love machine who has needs too!

I don't want to sound catty, no definitely not, doggy, maybe, but in the middle of that amazing evening that house boy that stays with us...he's mean to me, prancing around in his underwear. Put your trousers back on. Maybe I should delete part that as mistress will be after my tail.

All the ladies were there, except that pretty poodle, the blonde, the one that's married to that famous actor. She must've been in the doghouse as she was a no show. Maybe it was the best thing for all concerned, as all seemed to be calm. It was a feast for all--all except me. Platters were passing by, and I was stuck with Ken. Mistress was busy smooching and laughing, and the set-up date seemed to be going fine. I don't know why you humans don't just do what we do, and pay a stud fee and then it's all sorted, you know, doggy style (Mistress always tells me I can't use those words together. I don't quite understand why).

I snuggled up to mistress in bed that night and she told Ken (who is always in OUR bed making this ridiculous noise that keeps mistress and I awake) she was happy that those ladies have seemed to let sleeping dogs lie.

Again stay posted for my little woofs, but my doggy blog has to remain our little secret. Mistress says I am getting too big for my boots. I don't wear boots. I don't understand mistress sometimes. Just remember I am a sexy little gigolo! And my woofs will be heard!

Love Giggy

You can follow me on Twitter: @giggythepom.....I like woofeeeee. I am on Bravotv!