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The Girl Is Mine

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The Girl Is Mine

In her inagural blog, Kim Richards defends her and Kyle's relationship.

Hi, everyone. First, I want to apologize for not blogging until now, I'm getting familiar with the computer as we go, but your kind comments and thousands of tweets were very encouraging, and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you each week. I'm so glad to log on and see that the show and all the support that it has and that I make people happy. Like the other ladies have said, seeing everything unfold on-screen has been difficult, and this episode is especially, hard to watch and very emotional for me.

Before I get into the whole Kyle and Camille situation, I just want to talk about my jewelry line and the bracelets I gave out New York City. No they didn't come with an apology, they were never intended for that. I'm really very passionate about the jewelry, and this means a lot to me. This line has been something I've been working on since 2002 when my mother passed away. Taylor's comments really hurt me because the bracelets had nothing to do with the confrontation the night before. I wanted my sister to be one of the first to have one, and figured it would be nice to give the girls on the trip one as well, in honor of my mother’s birthday, which was the day we had been traveling. I didn't want to give them out on the plane because they are so important to, and it just happened that the fight overshadowed how they were intended.

Before the trip, I really had no idea what was coming. I hadn't talked to the girls since Vegas, so when I sat down next to Taylor, I was surprised to hear that this was still an issue. I was honestly confused about the situation. I hadn’t been in the loop.

When we arrived in New York at the hotel Camille was very gracious and greeted us, and brought us up to the suite and gave us t-shirts. And I was completely under the impression that everything was going to be fine. And to top it off Kyle and Camille having their moment, seemed to confirm that everything was going to be ok. It was one in the morning and we were all tired from traveling, so I was surprised when everybody wanted to go to eat.  

At this you point, you all know that Kyle and I -- we are very different. Whereas Kyle reacts, I don't like confrontation and withdraw. I didn't want to get involved. These are Kyle friend's and I'm getting to know them. When everyone was there pointing the finger at me, and saying, "Kim, settle this," I didn't know what to say. In those moments of confrontation, I don't know where to start, so I usually don't. When Kyle gets emotional, I always tell her: "Don't go there. Stay in your place. Stay in your moment. Stay Kyle." I don't want her emotions to get the best of her. But, Kyle is my sister. We don't always get along. We fight. But, she's mine, and I love her. And I always will have her back.

I also want to send my condolences to Adrienne and her family. That was obviously difficult for them, and my heart goes out to her.

It's been so odd to have this all play out again on TV, as Kyle and I continue to try to work through our differences. But like Kyle said, that's what sisters do.