Kyle Richards

Kyle discuss the difficult positions she's in with her sister and between Lisa and Taylor.

on Nov 14, 2011

Then Taylor started throwing the others under the bus because she wanted back up. I really was upset being put in that position. This was their argument. God knows I've had enough of my own! Taylor said to Paul at the gate outside that we have all said things about Lisa. We are ALL friends in a tight group. When one of us is upset with one of the girls about something she said or did, we vent to each other. Absolutely. Each and every one of us have vented to each other at one point or another. Our friends save us money and time on therapy.

Later when Taylor returned is when it got messy. Taylor had told all of us many things about her marriage, but nothing had been said when the cameras were around. It was such a terrible situation to be in. We all tried to help and advise Taylor in private, and then suddenly it was out in the open. Part 2 of Lisa's tea continues next week. . .

Answers to your questions. . .

My earrings from the séance are actually from my sister Kathy's store called Designer Archives in Bel AIr. Not sure of the designer, but Tracy at the store will know how to order them.

Rebecca the psychic is on twitter! She rarely tweets but you can contact her @thepurplerose or Purple Rose Entertainment.

My sunglasses that I wore to Kim house are Balenciaga.

Have a great week!!!
XO, Kyle