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Oil and Water

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Oil and Water

Kyle Richards tries to understand why she and Camille fight.

First, I want to start off by thanking all of you for the enormous amount of support you have shown me. It means a lot to me- especially in a difficult time like last week. Your comments here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, were a great reminder of how kind people can be. Yes, I did take some heat for my relationship with my sister Kim. Rightfully so. If I didn't know our history, I would be equally as judgmental. Hopefully, you will see more one-on-one KIm and Kyle time where we can discuss our issues. I think this would be good for our relationship. I love her very much and should try to be gentler with her in spite of any unresolved issues we have. Doing a show like this teaches you a lot about yourself AND the other women on the show. I have never seen Kim as a meek or shy person. Kim has always been extremely strong, outgoing, and has as much "fire" in her as I do. I think Kim has just not been comfortable around this group of women. I give her an "A" for effort though. I know she wants to have a life outside of her children, as she deserves to have.

Lisa put on a beautiful charity luncheon to benefit a teenage burn victim. She put a lot of effort into this important day. I went there to support this young girl, as well as Lisa, and hopefully enjoy a luncheon with my closest friends. The day took a quick turn for the worst when I received the text from Camille. I was already so emotional from the Malibu dinner party and how ugly things have turned between Camille and me. The text was all I needed to bring me to tears. To be honest, I wasn't crying because of losing a client. It was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. If Camille didn't want to do business with my husband because of something that he had done, I would totally understand. However, Mauricio had nothing to do with it. My husband is the best at what he does and I know that. I also knew that he  would be disappointed in me for letting the situation with Camille get to this. Mainly,  because  he doesn't like the negativity that the situation was bringing into our home. Of course, nobody wants to ever lose a client. However, he also would not want me to be friends with someone just for business.Of course, I felt nervous seeing Camille at Taylor's "Roaring Twenties" party. However, as soon as I saw her and we spoke, the ice was broken. I find Camille at times to be nice and quite likable. I'm not sure why things always turn so horribly wrong with us. The only thing I can think of is that we are simply oil and water. We just don't mix. The stubborn side of me keeps wanting to think we can get through this, but I think, even if we are able to dance at a party now and then without incident, we're just not meant to be friends. I have so many amazing friends in my life that I am SO grateful for. I think I will just leave it at that.

Some of you have  asked me if I felt Camille's apology on Watch What Happens was sincere. I would like to think it was. I NEED to think it was so I can attempt to move on. Regardless of her timing, she did apologize for saying the things she said about my husband. That was important to me because Mauricio and I were shocked and hurt by those comments, and again, it's hard to see Mauricio who has nothing to do with this ( and has a stellar reputation ) being dragged into this.

Answers to your questions: The top I was wearing at Camille's dinner party is by Matthew Williamson; the cuff I was wearing is by Tory Burch; my lip gloss is Trish McEvoy "irresistible."

Until next week! ..... xo, Kyle
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Brandi: I Don't Enjoy Anger or Grudges

Brandi explains why she's ready to move on, as long as it doesn't mean kissing a**.

I’m back in L.A. after a wonderful trip to visit my family. I’d like to thank everyone for their support regarding my father’s health. Dad is back home and on his way to what will be a slow and long recovery, but he is getting better and that’s all that matters. I’m so grateful I was able to hang with my boys and family and just kick back, cook, watch my nieces and boys play, and relax.

So tonight’s show is pretty drama-free for me, which is great, because I’m in a happy place and sometimes watching old drama unfold can set me back a little, emotionally. And can anyone believe that we are on episode six, and I haven’t hit the sauce yet? Don’t worry, it's coming. It's not fun to be sober all of the time.

Lisa Rinna introduced her parents and her Medford, Oregon hometown to the audience tonight. I love to see where people are from. It was a heartfelt moment where she shared the regret of visiting her childhood home for the last time and the guilt of living far away from her aging parents. It was very moving watching Lisa R. trying to instill the gravity of the situation of aging, illness, and finality of life to her teenaged daughters. After the normal teenage resistance faded, they realized it was a serious trip, and I’m glad she insisted her girls accompany her on it. I have to add that after seeing Lois Rinna, I can see where Lisa’s got her eyes from, and Frank Rinna’s paintings are amazing. I want one.

Kyle’s BBQ was next with everyone having a pretty good time. It was a very nice party. Yo was looking perfect as always. Meeting Eileen was fun and talking about Days was fun, too. Yes, I was a fan back in the day. Once we sat down, Kim’s old acting stories about faking tennis on Magnum, P.I. were the best. Eileen’s husband, Vince, is really nice and had great stories, too. He was on a lot of TV shows, like Kim. Kim and Vince kept the laughs going.

It was nice to see Mauricio and hear about another vacation. He is always cool and relaxed, and it’s nice to see him doing so well. Anyway, when all is said and done, we all saw who the true star of the BBQ was…Yolanda’s sandals. Want!

Moving forward doesn’t involve me constantly kissing a**.

Brandi Glanville

Lisa V. and Ken were there, and despite the awkwardness, it was really nice to see them again. You could probably tell how uncomfortable I was feeling. You can also see, I tried. Hard. It was a bit awkward, but I did try my best to put the past behind us. Obviously this is going to take some time! Kyle said it best: “Lisa likes to hold on to grudges.” Again, Kyle said that, not me!

I don’t enjoy power plays, holding on to anger or grudges. I prefer peace, apologies, amends, and moving on. Life is hard enough without making it harder. Maybe relationships change but definitely trying for a peaceful coexistence is what I'm striving for at this point in my life. That said, moving forward doesn’t involve me constantly kissing a**. I won’t do that. Relationships have to be equal, right?

So, until next week, I hope all of you come watch my housewarming party. You’re all invited, and there’s going to be plenty of wine--my own personal label, actually (not that we have a name, yet)!

Happy holidays, peace, love, joy, and health to you and all your loved ones!



PS: Please consider a holiday donation to a great, and my favorite charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You too can help make a child’s wish come true!


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