Kyle Richards

Kyle explains why her 69-mile bike ride wasn't just for her health, it was for everyone's.

on Dec 9, 2010

As emotional as this subject is for me, I was looking forward to some alone time with my husband. I know how fortunate I am to have Mauricio in my life. We are true soulmates, and we appreciate the relationship we share more than I can put into words. I'm also very lucky that he is so understanding of how difficult it is for me to leave our kids. I think it's because it's secretly hard for him too. It's not just that I feel guilty leaving them, but I miss them so much when we are apart. I suppose the fact that I am like this isn't exactly helping me in my negotiations for another baby.

I was very moved by Taylor's speech at her poker/charity event. It must have been very difficult to get up there and share that with the world. I commend her for that.

It was also refreshing to see Kim more like the Kim I know. As you can see, away from my group of friends, she is not reserved at all. She's quite a prankster in fact. She certainly does make me laugh, that's for sure!

A special thanks to my trainers Mari Holden, and Javier. I never could have made it without your training and support!

Answers to your questions:

Info on the facial Kim and I had can be found at

My leopard scarf is Louis Vuitton.

My grey scarf in the limo in NYC is from Club Monaco.

Thank you so much for all your comments! I love reading them!

Xo, Kyle
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