Cast Blog: #RHOBH

Holding On

Kyle: I Couldn't Do Anything Right in Kim's Eyes

Lisa V.: Everything Is About to Boil Over

Brandi: Someone Poked the Wrong Bear

Eileen: Kim’s Emotions Are Already Running High

Lisa R.: Kim Tends to Forget Key Events

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Caught In The Crossfires

Lisa V.: I'm Not Afraid of Kim

Kim: I Shouldn't Have to Defend My Actions

Eileen: Kim Has Exhibited Disturbing Behavior

Lisa R.: Why Do You Want People to Fight Over You?

Brandi: Having Fun for A Change

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Shock and Suprise

Kim: Brandi And Kyle's Feud Has Nothing To Do With Me

Brandi: Addiction Is Not a Negative Label or Insult

Kyle: Brandi Pulls Out Her Dagger to Deflect

Lisa V.: At What Point Is It Enough?

Eileen: Is There Any Line Brandi Won't Cross?

Lisa R: Let's Call a Spade a Spade

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Battle Between Sisters

Brandi: I'm a Ride or Die Friend

Lisa R.: Everyone Needs to Own Their Sh--

Kyle: Brandi Puts Out Lies, Hoping They Will Stick

Eileen: Brandi Is Acting Like a Mafia Enforcer

Lisa V.: Brandi's Behavior Was Unnerving to Watch

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: A Clash and an F-Bomb

Brandi: Lisa R. Should Be Disappointed in Herself

Kim: Don't Mistake My Sadness for Weakness

Kyle: I Have Never Had Anyone Put a Hand on Me

Lisa V.: I Tried to Warn Kyle

Eileen: Brandi Attacks, Then Deflects

Lisa R.: Kyle Didn't Create This Drama

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: More Fighting and a Peeping Tom

Kim: Kyle Should Be Worried, Not Embarrassed

Brandi: Kyle Wants to Help When There's an Audience

Kyle: This Was Brandi's Master Plan

Lisa R.: It Felt Just As Awkward As It Looked

Lisa V.: Kim's Demeanor Was Questionable

Eileen: Brandi Loves to Stir the Pot

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Disgust and a Push

Yolanda: I Would Like to Apologize

Holding On

Lisa VanderPump talks about capturing family moments on TV, and about the other 'wives spending.

Well hello again. This week's episode had a very different energy. I know for me it was much more personal and at times it was strange to watch as I let emotions fall freely without thought as to the multitude of people watching.

I entered into this forum with the blessing of my children, but I know as my son watched the screen transfixed by his mother talking so openly about a subject so personal to him, he found himself placed in a unique situation that I had led him into.

When he surprised me on my birthday.I felt as any mother would, that him arriving unexpectedly was the most a mother could wish for. To hold him as he greeted me was overwhelming, and the pride I felt when he showed me the guitar that he had worked on so diligently was a moment that I captured not only in my heart but now forever documented on film. That is what I have loved about this experience -- that sometimes there are these rare moments that otherwise would be lost in your catalogue of memories that we try to hold onto....

Anyway back to the ladies.

Camille trotted off to her paradise in Hawaii still blissfully unaware of the storm brewing with regard to her marriage, and Kyle and Taylor prepared for their respective daughters' parties. To see Taylor buying diamonds for a four-year-old was something I wasn't expecting, and the planning that went into this event was amazing,

I have to add that I find the whole children's birthday extravaganzas ridiculous. Taylor's party for her daughter was exquisite, but begs the question as to what she is going to do for the child's 18th! Kyle's party for Portia was more down to earth, but I still feel that one doesn't have to indulge kids who really don't have a clue what on earth all the fuss is about.

I cannot fathom spending $50,000 on a four-year-old's birthday, and caught the remark from Taylor that I would maybe rather spend it on shoes. Well actually, darling, if you happen to read this, I work too hard for my money to be as whimsical or downright stupid as that. Anyway moving on .... We are in this episode in the middle of a potentially disastrous situation as the misunderstanding between Kyle and Camille is festering and still unresolved, so stay tuned and I will see you next week, but prepare yourself as we start our rapid decline into unchartered waters!