It's No Joke

Lisa VanderPump's standing in (and stand-up act) fails to diffuse the fight between Kyle and Camille

Hello to each and every one of you. Firstly, a huge thank you for your incredible support last week. It was absolutely inspiring to feel the warmth that I received from the fans of RHOBH...and, coupled with that, our ratings have been fantastic!

Anyway, now let's get our teeth stuck into this week's episode. We open with a visit to the flower market. I go every week, and each time is as special as the last. I create huge arrangements in Villa Blanca and Sur, and it really is so appreciated by everybody who goes there. It is a passion of mine, and my ego won't let anybody else try to do it!

You can tell this show is reality when it captures emotional moments, like when Adrienne received the phone call telling her about her uncle’s passing. It was sad to see Adrienne suddenly disoriented, leaving, and ultimately staying behind from our trip. Also, I found it disheartening to see Camille and Kelsey with their children, and to realize the magnitude of what he has given up. Extraordinary.

So Camille had invited us all to New York. For me to go on a trip across the country, when I have so many demands here with family and business, I want to be assured to have a fantastic time. So I tried to encourage some sort of communication between Kyle and Camille before we left--to no avail. When we arrived, I witnessed the exchange between them, and felt relieved that they'd embraced, and we were moving forward...phew! Little did I know of what was about to erupt. We first went up to Taylor’s suite, and the two of them had a few minutes alone. (That was when you caught me listening at the door.) As I heard no raised voices, I was certain that we could now relax and enjoy the weekend...

I asked Kyle if they'd cleared it up without wanting details, and she assured me all was well. So I was really taken aback when it all kicked off downstairs in the restaurant. Something happened between us leaving the suite and us reconvening in the bar. And I do manage to get to the bottom of that in a later episode!

Kyle has always been indignant that what she said didn't tally with Camille's side of the story. I didn't witness the exchange between the two of them, but I was certain that Kyle intended no malice whatsoever, and I tried to explain that to Camille when we went shopping. As you have probably gathered by now, I am extremely close to Kyle and knew that the reason behind her anger was the fact that she was defending her character against Camille’s accusations of her lying!

There was absolutely no way either of them would capitulate, and so basically all hell broke loose, and ended up ruining the whole weekend. It was emotional and difficult to be in the middle of. The calmer Camille became, the more it provoked Kyle.

I sat there at the table feeling absolutely helpless as to what to do. We leave it there in the middle of this dispute, and you will have to see next week what transpires. But rest assured the weekend was no picnic, that's for sure. I always try to find the humor in situations, but this time that would've been a fruitless task.

I hope to see you next week, for the conclusion!

Love always, Lisa.

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