Lisa Vanderpump

If you were emotional watching the finale, you're not alone. Lisa explains how tough this week's episode was to watch.

on Jan 20, 2011

Oh it was so difficult in so many ways to sit and watch this finale Watching the downward spiral of Camille’s marriage, seeing her desperately trying to hold on to the threads of what was left, I, as the viewer, felt intrigued as she let us see her innermost thoughts. I don't know if I could have put myself in such a vulnerable position, but that is what makes this type of show so fascinating, and I applaud her honesty.

The finale party was a complete disaster, particularly seeing Kyle's frustration at constantly covering for her sister. There's a lot you the viewer don't know and hasn't been witness to, and I, as a very close friend who has been privy to the emotional turmoil and devastation that has occurred as a result of this type of situation, still am not fully aware of the path that these two sisters have taken.

The one thing I ask of you as you read this is not to judge Kyle too harshly as tempers flew. I am sure things that were said were instantly regretted too late…and those words don't belong to her they belong to the world.

In the weeks that ensued it was very upsetting to see how everybody struggled to put their lives back together, feelings in tatters, feelings that reverberated through the family and friends like myself who hadn't witnessed this devastating altercation, not quite understanding how far this situation had deteriorated to, trying to comprehend that was not an easy task. And when I saw this episode for the first time it cut me to the quick. Tears rolled freely.