Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa knows this wasn't her fight to fight, but still has some opinions on the matter.

on Dec 16, 2010

Well at least we started on a high note with my excellent example of "European driving" that almost resulted in me being honked off the road. But never mind that, for the record my husband (whom I love dearly) happens to be one of the worst drivers I know. He charges at everything like we are fighting a battle. Men!

Now talking of battles that is the perfect segue into Camille's dinner party. Oh dear, what a cesspit of emotions I witnessed there: jealousy, anger, sarcasm, and vitriol. It was hard to watch, and something I didn't particularly want to be part of. I could not believe how quickly things spiraled downwards, and that again we were in the middle of World War III. I certainly hoped, foolishly, that this was a dinner that would help heal the rift that had commenced in New York. But Kyle and Camille, Taylor and Kim, aaagh ... it was a nightmare!