Cast Blog: #RHOBH

Adrienne's Observations

Adrienne writes in from her post-Trick-or-Treating haze to tell us the 10 things she learned from this episode.

Ten Really Quick Observations From a Beverly Hills Housewife Whose Three Boys Are Showing Off Their Post-Halloween Candy High At This Very Moment. . .

1. Yes, I used moisturizing hand soap on the chicken. Even if Lisa didn't appreciate it, I'm sure the chicken did. At least my chicken won't be dry. . .

2. While Estella looks even more beautiful now post-surgery, seeing her bandaged up post-op probably wasn't the best thing to watch on Halloween night. There were a few kids at my Halloween party last night with hockey masks on, and I can't say they looked any different.

3. I wonder if Estella would have to leave the room if she saw Kyle with that microdermabrasion facial mask on from last season?

4. I'm a mother, so while camels might be very "Arabian Nights" at a party, the song "Sally The Camel" kept playing through my head. Come on, I know you moms out there were thinking the same thing.

5. Leave it to Paul to complain about the mattress in a room made for seduction. Apparently Tempur-Pedic does more for Paul than Victoria's Secret. He probably thinks cutting off the mattress tags is dangerous and sexy too.

6. Paul, even if you do manage to set up someone with your operating room matchmaking skills, I will never refer to you as the Love Doctor. Ever. Keep dreaming honey.

7. Love the way Paul can call Mark Wahlberg during surgery, but for whatever reason when I am trying to reach him it's "don't bother me while I'm in surgery!" Totally busted, Paul. Next time he tries to get a hold of me during a board meeting, he's gonna be S.O.L.

8. At this moment, Paul wishes he had a blog because he wants to refute all of this. These are the moments when I'm really glad he isn't officially the seventh Housewife and he doesn't have a blog. I finally get to say things and he doesn't get to talk back! Maybe all women should blog, we'll finally be able to get the last word in. . .

9. I'm not showing my boys any pictures of the tent Mohammed created in his house for Pandora's party. I don't want them to get any ideas that their forts need to look like that. It's bad enough I'm always missing all of our bedsheets. . .

10. Congrats to Pandora -- I wish her and Jason all the best!

Xoxo, Adrienne

P.S. Jackpot and Visco went as Paul and I for Halloween last night. Jackpot wore hair tinsel and a gold wig, while Visco wore scrubs and had a pooper scooper dangling from his neck. They bickered over who would get the most treats, whose costume looked better, and who was making the bigger mess. I think for the first time Visco was the one who whined more for attention. Go figure.

Eileen: Brandi Continues to Miss Everyone's Point

Eileen talks about her first reunion and discusses what it was like sitting next to Kim.

My first RHOBH reunion started off with a surprise, when I walk onto set and I’m told to sit next to Kim. I thought about running, but then I reconsidered. Ha!

Yolanda sits on my right, but I know it’s a just matter of time until she’ll have to leave due to her illness, leaving Brandi, Kim, and me on the couch alone. This should be interesting…

Andy first asks me about Vincent. Vin and I have definitely had a few laughs about his face peeking through the garage window, beer in one hand, as he watched the fighting in our driveway. He’s always been my number one support system and always keeps me grounded, but particularly through this adventure. I’m so grateful to have him in my corner.

I’m sad that Kim and Kyle aren’t speaking. This is a big, messy, and complicated situation. Maybe the time apart will be good for them? I’m hoping so.

I’m genuinely heartbroken when Yolanda opens up about her struggle with Lyme disease. She’s a beautiful, vibrant, active woman, and to be inhibited by her illness is hard to watch. She’s so strong, and I’m inspired by her daily, and I know she always has the best intentions, and her very big heart is always in the right place. However, I disagree with her about us “throwing Brandi to the curb.” All I’ve done is try to talk to Brandi and be honest with her when just ignoring her and cutting her off would be a more simple solution.

The accusations she made about Lisa R., and comparing it to our statements about Brandi’s behavior when she drinks, is not the same thing.

Eileen Davidson

Brandi continues to miss everyone’s point. No one, to my knowledge, said she shouldn’t have a drink at a party. But when she does drink, she gets mean and aggressive. Even she admitted that a few weeks ago. The accusations she made about Lisa R., and comparing it to our statements about Brandi’s behavior when she drinks, is not the same thing.

All in all, the issues between Kim and Kyle, Brandi and Kyle, Brandi and Lisa V., and Brandi and Lisa R. (are we noticing a pattern here?) took center stage, however, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay out of the cross-fire for long!

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