Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne explains why it seemed right to tell Taylor to not attend the party and wishes you a happy holidays.

on Dec 21, 2011

I have to honestly say that this situation was one of the most difficult things I have been involved in with this group, and it was even more painful to watch that night play out in hindsight.

As the episode opened, you saw me talking with Paul about the phone call I had received from Camille telling me about the email from Russell. When it comes to things that involve our mutual friends, Paul and I talk quite a bit as we both think it's important to be on the same page about how to move forward. We both agreed that based upon Taylor's conversations with us in the past, and those that took place amongst our group expressing concern about her revelations to all of us -- that any one of us could be next in terms of Russell's threat of litigation. I was really upset after reading the email, because in my mind friends never threaten to sue friends. An open line of communication should always come first.

At the time, I believed that Taylor knew about the email Russell had sent. Regardless, I knew what she had said to me, to Paul, and to our group about her marriage over the previous months. Taylor would draw us in and cause us great concern with her marital confessions, but then she would back away from her claims later on. I thought it was very possible that maybe she wasn’t admitting to Russell everything that had been said to our group out of fear. Obviously, this caused a lot of tension and concern in our group, which ended up turning into confusion.