Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne discusses the trip to Colorado, her dinner party, and making peace.

on Sep 15, 2011

Thank you so much to those of you who have stood by this cast and this show -- we really do appreciate all of your support.

That being said, we opened this season with the dinner party at my house, and what was supposed to be a "mending of the broken fences" dinner turned out to be a lot more tense than expected. Paul and I had long planned to spend some time that day not only getting things ready for our party, but also to go over some things that needed our attention -- the boys' schedules and some schooling decisions, some business-related decisions that had to be made etc. Just normal household stuff. I had been working so hard on getting my shoe line going, and on dealing with some critical decisions about our basketball team, and Paul had been slammed with both his practice and the growth of his frozen yogurt chain that we hadn't had any time to just connect. Schedules are crucial in our house, and it's so important we stick to them so that we get the family time we need, too. So when Paul went golfing without telling me that day, I became irritable. I felt like he had blown off something that was important to me. You saw the results of that play out at the party. Should I have let it get to me in front of my guests? No, and for that I did apologize. It was a perfect example of being mad about one thing and letting it affect other areas of your life. Paul and I did talk about it later, and I think the best any couple can do is to try and handle things differently the next time.

Funny note -- when I was decorating that dinner table with the olive branches, my son asked me why I was putting "trees" on the table. I told him it was a sign of peace, or "not fighting." He duly informed me that when knights stop fighting and have dinner, they put their swords on the table so "maybe you could put swords on there." Good thing I didn't go that route with the d├ęcor, huh? The visuals on what that would have looked like just keep giving and giving. . .