Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne tells us how she'd change Spa day, now that hindsight is 20/20.

on Oct 25, 2011

When I said last season that I didn't cook, I wasn't joking. Obviously.

Here's the thing – there are approximately 9000 other things that I'd rather do than cook. Getting dental work ranks up there, as does cleaning dog poop out of Paul's closet. I'd rather return my favorite shoes, and give up my handbag collection. Cooking is not therapeutic for me. I have been told that for some people, the satisfaction of presenting a meal to their family can be fulfilling.

Great. I'm all for presenting a meal to my family. As a matter of fact I can present Chinese and Indian and sushi and Italian to them all in one night. Welcome to Takeout Taxi, loves. That little menu catalog they send around about all their restaurants is the best cookbook I know.

I know Lisa wants to know why she didn't know about my tanning booth. I'd like to counter that I didn't know she was regularly cooking chickens over at her house. Amazing what secrets neighbors keep!