BH Producers

Producer Dave Rupel gives thanks.

Nov 23, 2011

The year-round RHOBH production people. These are the people who make my dreams come true -- literally. If I toss out, “Camille wants to take the ladies to her home in Colorado, and I really want to shoot the ladies skiing,” they find ways to make it happen. If I say, “we’re traveling to Hawaii and I want to shoot every moment of the travel,” which consisted of clearing two airlines, two airports, two resorts and one very bumpy bus ride, they make it happen.  You know how they send canaries into a mine as a barometer for if the air is safe for the miners? Well, I have my own barometer on RHOBH. Mine isn’t for toxic air -- it’s for stress. My line producer Dave Patry and my production manager Mark Grzesiuk both fiddle with their hair when they are stressed. So any time I come out of my office and see they have inadvertently given themselves fauxhawks, I know I’m pushing too hard. (It’s random, but totally true!) So thanks, Patry, Shark, Lour, and Nick for all the dedication and hard work!
The RHOBH post-production team. These are the people responsible for everything from making sure the sound is in sync with the video, to making sure we tell stories is the best and most complete way possible, to the artistry of blending the right music with the right images. Led by the ridiculously talented and calming presence of Co-EP Toni Gallagher, and the incredibly patient and organized Post Supervisor Paul Trombetta, we have a pretty dazzling post team. Thanks to the story folk, James, Robert, Zena, Bill, Heather, Brett, Molly, Ewa, and Monica.  Thanks to our kick-ass editors, Tony, Devin, Bil, Teresa, Brian and Sean. Thanks to our awesome composers, Alan and Mike. And thanks to our post support team of Tennille, Samantha, Mark, Shawn, and Patricia.

The RHOBH ladies. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  No matter how talented the people are behind the scenes, if you don’t have a compelling people to follow, you can’t make an interesting show. To each and every wife, husband, child, extended family member, co-worker and friend, a million thanks for opening up your lives on-camera!

The RHOBH fans. As many of you know, I spent a good chunk of my career writing for the daytime soaps, General Hospital and Guiding Light. Soaps have some of the most dedicated fans in this business. A soap fan is a fan for life. What’s cool about Bravo is they seem to cultivate the same kind of fan dedication.  Maybe it’s Andy’s Watch What Happens: Live, maybe it’s the participant blogs, or maybe it’s the website. Not sure what it is, but Bravo fans are invested! Thanks fans!  You notice every little thing we put in and even some things we never noticed! You’re the best!