BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel explains how prepped the production crew must be and answers some of your questions.

Sep 19, 2011

Welcome back for another week of RHOBH! Before I talk about the third episode, I thought I'd answer some questions that you asked me from last week's blog.

The number one question I received was when are the ladies going to blog? I'm sure you're all thrilled that they are back! I apologize for the delay, but obviously, we've had some extraordinary circumstances to deal with this season. Thanks for your patience!

Hwatcher suggested we poll the audience to see what they really want to see. In Hwatcher's case, he (she?) thinks the glitz and glamour are enough and we don't need to show the drama. Well, Hwatcher, this was a common comment in the blogs in Season 1. However, for every comment we got like that, we got another one begging for the drama. We work very hard on RHBH to be a three-dimensional show. We want to incorporate every aspect of the ladies' lives, which means bling, family, laughter, and yes, drama.

Viewer in Medina, OH wants to know how Bravo decides which cities are being selected for Housewives franchises and how the 'Wives are then cast. I've only worked on two of the franchises –- RHOC and RHOBH –- but I imagine they select them based on a city being able to show something distinct from the rest. NYC seemed a logical second choice after Orange County. While Atlanta and New Jersey offered unique perspectives. Secondly, once a city is selected, a casting director will be hired and they start their research. Sometimes they advertise auditions, and sometimes it's just word-of-mouth.