BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel explains how prepped the production crew must be and answers some of your questions.

Sep 19, 2011

Deb Schneider loves the show, but would like us to surprise the ladies so she could see them in sweat pants and fuzzy socks. Well, Deb, I though the pajamas the ladies wore in Colorado were pretty casual and cute. But c'mon now. If you were going on national television, wouldn’t you always want to look your best?

Maryland Fan wants to know why in the opening titles the 'Wives are filmed alone, instead of with their families like the other Housewives franchises. Two reasons. First, for various reasons in season one, we weren't going to be able to show all the spouses or kids, which we felt would have made it confusing. Secondly, everyone wanted the BH franchise to stand out, be the blingiest of the bunch. So that's why the ladies are shot solo, almost as if they were glamour modeling shots, and we play as much of the husbands and family in accompanying shots.

RHLover wanted to know how we kept Season 1 filming a secret. Answer: we didn't really. For the first few weeks of shooting –- until Bravo officially announced we were a go –- we were an "untitled Bravo reality show." But once the announcement came, we always told people who we were. It's just the first season of a show -- nobody knows the cast. It was very different in Season 2, when the ladies got recognized just about everywhere we went.