BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel explains how prepped the production crew must be and answers some of your questions.

Sep 19, 2011

BravoBravo has four questions. One: Do the ladies watch the footage before we interview them? Nope. The ladies are questioned based on their memories. Two: Did the people on the plane know they were going to be filmed prior to the departure? We always put out Area Release signs when we shoot people in the public, and yes, sometimes, people are surprised -- usually quite happily. But all the people you see in the background on the plane happily signed releases. Three: Does it take a long time to get through the airport with all that equipment? YES! Though most times, most of the crew is sent earlier with the majority of the gear and just one crew is left behind to shoot the "follow." Also, we work closely with the airlines to make things go as smoothly as possible. Four: What's the fourth wall? That is a show business term that acknowledges that we are in fact a "television show." Examples of that would be on the old Carol Burnett show or Saturday Night Live when one of the actors starts to laugh. That's "breaking character" or "breaking the fourth wall" because the character isn't laughing, the actor is. Make sense?

And now to the last -- and most charming -- question I received last week, wanting to know if the handsome cameraman in the photo is single? Sorry to disappoint you Real BH Girl, but that handsome cameraman is Parker Whittemore, and he is not only married, but he and his wife gave birth to their first child at the beginning of Season 2. But I will pass along your compliment!