BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel discusses the most unpredictable moments of this week's episode and why he saw the fight coming.

Oct 11, 2011

Welcome back, viewers! I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode, which includes some of the best elements of these shows -- bling, humor, conflict, and heartfelt emotion.

As always, I'll answer questions from last week, as well as comment on other things I've seen in the blogosphere.

First up, the engagement of Lisa and Ken's daughter, Pandora. We shoot a lot of tense and dramatic things as part of our show (ahem, Game Night!), so it’s always nice when we get to see the nicer moments of the ladies lives and this engagement was definitely one of them.

However, the best moment of Lisa's story for me was earlier. Lisa was cooking in the kitchen and her son Max ended a phone call with a girl and said, "Love you, too." Both Lisa and Ken were shocked to hear their teenage son declare that. We like to call those moments "reality gems." Meaning, Lisa had told us she was going to cook for Jason's parents and they were all going to eat together, so that's what we planned to film. And since we had filmed Jason asking Ken for Pandora's hand in marriage, we thought there was a good chance that this dinner might involve some kind of proposal. So the reveal that Jason had already asked Pandora to marry him was a small surprise to us, but not totally unexpected. But Max's declaration of love? That caught everyone by surprise, and that's one of those things that make reality TV special.

Now, as for Game Night. Seemed like a pretty innocuous idea. When I first moved to LA, my friends and I used to regularly gather for game nights, so I was pretty excited for what we thought would be a fun and active night. Well, it did become active!