BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel discusses the pivitoal moments of this episode -- including Mohammed's sexy party.

Oct 31, 2011

Second big item in this episode. The reveal of Kim's boyfriend! Kim mentions that she's been keeping her Ken a secret from her sister, Kyle. Well, Kyle wasn't the only one in the dark! So was the crew! But after seeing Kim be single all of Season 1, I was very happy for her to be happy with someone!

Finally, I'll answer a couple of questions from last week. WindyCityWondering still doesn't understand why I defended Kyle last week. The answer is still the same, Windy. I defended her because I felt the need to. Not from the other women at Game Night. I was defending her to the fans. I've read enough message boards and tweets and blog responses to know the majority of the fans were supporting Brandi. I didn't need to defend Brandi to the audience. They already love her. It's the same situation in Season 1, where many of the fans sided with Kyle over Camille in their fights, so I wrote a blog defending Camille to the fans.

Redlodger didn't think I was supportive of Brandi the way I talked about her first interview outfit. Let me clarify, Red. I wasn't bashing Brandi's outfit. I thought she looked fantastic in it! My point was that in the history of RHOBH, no 'Wife has ever worn a bustier to an interview. True, our ladies sport a lot of cleavage, but never with a bustier. And there's nothing wrong with Brandi wearing it. I just meant that was a bold choice on Brandi's part, which pretty much sums up her personality. Bold.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the episode, and come back for more next week!