BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel tells us about his production fatigue and answers your questions from last week's blog.

Sep 27, 2011

Welcome fans! Tonight's episode took place during the fifth week of production, and it's just about that time that you first start hitting the wall in terms of endurance, where you're already exhausted, but the end (of shooting) isn't even within site!

This stretch of our production was particularly grueling because it involved a great deal of travel. Over eight days, I wound up on six flights. From Denver (after we finished the shoot at Camille’s Beaver Creek home) to Vegas (where a potential shoot wound up being canceled) back to Burbank (to touch base with the post-production team and re-group with the production team in lieu of the canceled Vegas shoot). And because the Vegas shoot was canceled, I wound up with a free weekend, so I retreated to my home in Sacramento for a few days. Then back to Burbank, with a quick boomerang trip right back to Sacramento for the shoot of the Sacramento Kings' last home game of the season.

And the very next day was Kyle's charity event! Sure, for the ladies, it's another fun party, but for the crew, it's another location to prep and light. I cannot thank my production team enough for all the long hours they worked, and for their grace under pressure. Because the reality is that our schedule -- trips included -- can often turn on a dime.

This was definitely an "all hands on deck" days, as two crews shot the party, while the third crew – which flew back from Sacramento that morning – wound up helping set up the lights. Long days for everyone!

Kyle's event was important for us because we were introducing two of our new friends of the Housewives, Brandi and Dana. It was a very organic way to bring them in, because Kyle told her friends to bring friends, which is exactly what they did. Adrienne brought Brandi and Taylor brought Dana.