BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel describes the techincal "toys" the crew used when hitting the slopes in Beaver Creek.

Sep 13, 2011

Hey, RHOBH fans, its Dave Rupel, one of the Executive Producers and Showrunner back for a second season of blogging! Last week, Douglas Ross, the President and CEO of Evolution Media, as well as one of the Executive Producers of RHOBH, wrote the initial blog for the premiere that dealt with cast member Russell Armstrong's suicide. I thought Doug wrote a lovely blog, so there's really nothing more for me to add, other than all of us on the show continue to send our sympathies and support to Taylor, Kennedy, and Russell's family and friends.

For anyone who didn't read my blog in the first season, the ladies will be blogging about their experiences while filming. The purpose of my blog is to answer questions and give you some behind-the-scenes glimpses. Last year I explained what a Showrunner was, so for those uninitiated, I'll give you the Reader's Digest version. There are eight Executive Producers on RHOBH. Four are executives at Evolution Media and three are executives at Bravo. They are all covering multiple shows at once. I am the only EP that is dedicated solely to RHOBH. So basically I am the day-to-day boss who still has to answer to all the other EPs.

Now, let's talk about Episode 2, entitled "Blame It On The Altitude," in which the ladies travel to Vail, CO, for a ski weekend. A lot of people ask me if we script the events of the show. No, we don't. We're just in constant contact with the ladies asking them what's going on in their lives, and when we hear something that sounds interesting, we shoot it. And that's how we wound up in Beaver Creek. Due to Camille and Kelsey's divorce, they had agreed to sell their beautiful Beaver Creek home. Camille wanted to visit one last time and thought it would be a fun trip for the ladies. That's all I had to hear. Let’s go to Colorado!

We have a really great crew and staff on our show, and we were very fortunate to have nearly 100 percent of them return for Season 2. We traveled a lot in Season 1 and when you work together that long, you develop a shorthand with people and you get the traveling down to a science. The nice thing about that is it allowed us to try and up our game. What could we do to make the show look even better? We did it by experimenting with several technical "toys" as our Line Producer Dave Patry would call them.