BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel shares how the crew handled the dueling Las Vegas parties.

Dec 13, 2011

Each party had a different highlight for me. With Lisa's, it was easily the Chippendales. It was a fun show, they gave us great access, and it was a relief to watch Taylor have some fun -- and to watch she and Lisa grow closer. In the bar before the show, if you ordered certain drinks, you got a big Chippendale torso as the glass. I didn't have a drink, but bought one later as a souvenir.

The highlight of Adrienne's trip was, well, being at the Palms with the owner of the casino. This was my third trip to the Palms with the show and each one has been a real joy. The access Adrienne grants us is just incredible. That suite with a bowling alley in it? Unreal. The dance club Moon was so much fun to be in, even if I was working! Seeing Camille, Adrienne, Brandi, Dana, and Dedra tear up the dance floor with such abandon -- very nice!