Cast Blog: #RHOBH

Bling, Humor, Conflict, and Heartfelt Emotion

BH Producer Dave Rupel discusses the most unpredictable moments of this week's episode and why he saw the fight coming.

Welcome back, viewers! I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode, which includes some of the best elements of these shows -- bling, humor, conflict, and heartfelt emotion.

As always, I'll answer questions from last week, as well as comment on other things I've seen in the blogosphere.

First up, the engagement of Lisa and Ken's daughter, Pandora. We shoot a lot of tense and dramatic things as part of our show (ahem, Game Night!), so it’s always nice when we get to see the nicer moments of the ladies lives and this engagement was definitely one of them.

However, the best moment of Lisa's story for me was earlier. Lisa was cooking in the kitchen and her son Max ended a phone call with a girl and said, "Love you, too." Both Lisa and Ken were shocked to hear their teenage son declare that. We like to call those moments "reality gems." Meaning, Lisa had told us she was going to cook for Jason's parents and they were all going to eat together, so that's what we planned to film. And since we had filmed Jason asking Ken for Pandora's hand in marriage, we thought there was a good chance that this dinner might involve some kind of proposal. So the reveal that Jason had already asked Pandora to marry him was a small surprise to us, but not totally unexpected. But Max's declaration of love? That caught everyone by surprise, and that's one of those things that make reality TV special.

Now, as for Game Night. Seemed like a pretty innocuous idea. When I first moved to LA, my friends and I used to regularly gather for game nights, so I was pretty excited for what we thought would be a fun and active night. Well, it did become active!

I've seen several comments out there that our show is scripted, which as the person who knows our show inside and out -- it kind of cracks me up. Because simply put, it isn't. I'm a pretty good writer, but in my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined the following things:

  • Kim calling Dana "Pam" and after being corrected, shooting back, "Well, you look like a Pam." Funny stuff. Because that's the quirky way Kim's mind works.

  • Adrienne canceling at the last minute. Adrienne has always described herself to be very competitive, so we were eager to see her in a competitive situation. However, this was the time frame where Adrienne and her family were in intense negotiations with the NBA about possibly moving the team, so Adrienne really did miss this event with a legitimate excuse.

  • Brandi thinking Winston Churchill was a great black leader. I felt for Brandi in that moment. We've all made silly mistakes in our lives, but most people don't have them broadcast on national television. To her credit, in Brandi's blog, she owned up to the mistake. What more could a person do?

  • Kyle tasting Kim's coffee, knowing what that implies. In Kyle's defense, I've seen her in agony over worrying about her sister.

  • Kim hiding Brandi's crutches. You could've picked my jaw up off the ground from shock when I watched that happen.

Now, as for the argument, that didn't surprise me. With Kyle and Kim not welcoming Brandi as part of their team and Brandi questioning what was up with Kim's repeated trips to the bathroom, a clash seemed imminent.

Until next week, please send your questions and comments my way. And please let me know –- what was your water cooler moment for this week’s episode?

Lisa V.: I Understood Brandi's Frustrations

Lisa V. thinks everyone missed the point of Brandi and Lisa R. conversation about Kim.

Well, it's the final leg of this exhausting race. The sun sets on the Hills of Beverly...

And there we have it. So this season I felt was a little more illustrative of exactly who these complex characters are...Some weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions and others offered up a complete view into the depths of their inner being. Angry accusations, shrouded with deflection, were the actions of some incompetent of dealing with truths that should be confronted.
I understood the frustration of BG as she endeavored to restore the relationship that we once had, jokingly, maybe sometimes even genuinely, and we were in place of harmless banter, as I witnessed the bonds broken between the other women, the bond that last season was united by a common
I think there was genuine remorse that a friendship which benefitted her initially when she joined the group and we had both enjoyed was unsalvageable, a different one could possibly have replaced it, but once ties of loyalty are broken, you are on the defensive.
I never once said the slap was hard. The endless accusations last season of lying, deportation, bankruptcy, Ken abusing Yolanda...all that was accumulative and there was not enough there to counter balance it. I remember her clearly stating, "I fed that bitch " in regard to me on Andy's show, which was hurtful as we all the know the truth.

In a nutshell, did BG state that Kim needed a intervention? No, I don't know she did.

Lisa Vanderpump

When I spoke with BG, of course I felt empathy for her situation with her father, but that had nothing to do with me. I hear he is doing well, thankfully, but I barely know him. It would've been hypocritical, after Amsterdam, to call offering sympathy, when in the last nine months there had been no interaction between us at all, apart from filming. BG states she loves me...Easy to say, as easy as saying sorry, but actions are more important than words. The way you know if somebody loves you is the way they make you feel. If somebody is sorry, you would feel reassured that they would try not to perpetuate the same behavior. The big question here is, I didn't change from last season, so why this desperation to have me back in her life? Now is there a realization that maybe last year she was wrong, malicious, and vindictive? That should be the conversation. Anyway, I digress. One thing I know for sure is if my father's life was held in the balance, I would be there at his side, not arguing about the dynamics of a superficial conversation, but it was our final party at the end of the season.

In a nutshell, did BG state that Kim needed a intervention? No, I don't know she did. I believe Lisa misinterpreted her saying, "Maybe we all need an intervention" as "Maybe we all need TO DO an intervention." Many other things were said, and it begs the question, was BG's allegiance to Kim? When talking about Kim's fragile state publicly to her friend Jen and then Lisa, I would say not. I know that Lisa left that conversation after many statements from Brandi with the impression that Kim needed help. That was the point...The emphasis should not have dwelt upon one word. I had urged Lisa not to intervene in Kim's sobriety, but she was motivated by her personal history and felt justified in confronting her.
So there we have it, another season. I eally enjoyed Eileen and Lisa joining the cast...
I hope Kyle and Kim can find resolution away from cameras, I pray Yolanda can find her way to better health, and BG understands that relationships need to be treated with respect.
I thank you all for watching and your support...I will see you at the trilogy...

As always...Love, Lisa

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