Brandi Glanville

Brandi discusses the medication she took to fly and apologizes for her comments about Kim's boyfriend -- but not her swimsuit.

on Jan 4, 2012

Wow, I'm pretty embarrassed by my actions in this episode to say the least. (I told you it gets worse before it gets better. Thanks for sticking with me!) Let me clarify, I have an extreme fear of flying. I have all my life. In fact, I have a prescription from my doctor for anti-anxiety medication that I use for long flights and smaller airplanes. It is the only occasion that I take them. While I did do a small toast for Mauricio’s birthday when we boarded, I avoid mixing my medication with alcohol, as its very unsafe. I now see how terrible this looks as it played out. Also, I did have a glass of wine once we had already landed and the medication had worn off.

While there have been many things being reported and written about me (especially of late), I would like to reiterate something to my fans: I have always been a free spirit and a bit of a wild child, but I am always the one in control. I am a mother of two lovely boys and that is my priority. That is why I only take anti-anxiety medication when flying; I hate the feeling that I am not in control of my own mind/body.