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Brandi Glanville

"Ladies" Night

Brandi chides the other ladies' behavior at her beach party, and explains she just wanted to have a nice girls' night.

December 7, 2011

This episode marks my first time hosting something for these "ladies," and I use that term rather loosely.

Lisa, the actual lady of this bunch, didn't make it. She has exquisite taste, and I loved watching what she chose for Pandora's wedding. Even when Lisa lost her temper with the contractor, it was sexy and classy. Maybe it's the accent. It just makes everything better.

I really thought that Paul did a great job on Estella’s face and that she looks really natural. As far Botox and fillers go, I think to each their own. If you don't want to that's fine -- but don't preach against it when you have clearly partaken.

Meeting with Adrienne was fun, as usual, but I sometimes wonder if she really tells me what she is thinking. I was a little nervous when Adrienne seemed cautious about me inviting both Camille and Taylor to my party. I wasn't at Lisa's tea party, and I didn't know what had gone down because no one had told me. What I did know was that after seeing both Taylor and Camille at Adrienne’s fashion show everyone seemed fine so I wasn't worried. I figured why would Taylor even bother to show up to a quaint gathering of just us gals if she had any problem with Camille -- especially since she knew that Camille and I were getting much closer.



You are a class act- that has more to do with how you handle yourself (and mistakes) then what you wear or what occasional racy language you use.
It's odd that anyone would argue with you about asking Taylor to leave since she CLEARLY neede to be out of that environment and home (or just safe).
..Does anyone else notice how she sheds no tears when she "cries" and switches from hysteria to calm in an instant?..

Wishing you all the best Brandi!

Hi Brandi,
I really admire you a lot! I like how you don't take crap from anybody and how you stepped in and took control of the fight between DD and Taylor! I hope to see more of you on the HWOBH!!

Brandi's my second favorite housewife and I love that she tells it like it is-just like us normal ppl who don't have millions of dollars and the ability to name drop like Q list celebrities (Hello Dina). I feel like you handled the situation as best as you could, considering you'd all been drinking, by asking Taylor to leave. She didn't start the fight, but was the one that escalated it to the point of hysterics. I do think that Kyle's comments about talking about her hubby were completely a joke, she's got a sense of humour that I find delightful but watching w/my girlfriends they say she doesn't always come off that way. Generational gap maybe? I hate how Taylor constantly behaves -as a victim. She was definitely a victim of Russell's behavior but she plays that card anytime anyone approaches her about a topic she's uncomfortable with or upset about. Her screaming "you don't know what she's done to me" at DD and trying to blame C for 'putting her daughter (Kennedy) in danger" pissed me off to no end. Considering how hammered she was, there was no rationalizing with her - even Kyle recognized that (dispite her little tift with Brandi when she asked Taylor to leave). Considering how out of control things seamed and the fact that it wasn't her house I think Brandi did a bloody good job at trying to stop the whole thing from getting worse- especially considering no one had told Brandi all the details from the tea party at Lisa's. I hope Brandi gets full housewife status next season, she's whitty, fast on her feet and seems like a honestly good person!

Clearly Kyle has a little crush on you. She cant stop talking about you. But I also think you return the admiration, you can't stop talking about her. And you act so "real" and always have a "bring it on" attitude but when someone does bring it on, you cry. Just sayin.

I disagree with you throwing Taylor out, only because after Game Night she took you to lunch and you confided in her and she was not rude, judgmental or mean. Now she is being attacked by psycho DeDe and you show her no respect (even after she showed you respect on your lunch date post-game night) by kicking her out. I love Camille but DeDe should have kept her mouth shut, considering the fact that even Camille is understanding of Taylor's fragile state of mind at this point. Being in an abusive relationship isn't easy, especially when you love your significant other, which she states all the time. If anyone should have been escorted out, it should have been DeDe for being a total instigator.

I don't dislike you on the show at all, I felt for you on game night and felt that the two sisters totally provoked you and you reacted in the heat-of-the-moment. Atleast you apologized. They both should have given a sincere apology back. And atleast you tried to make peace with Kim. Dont bother. She had no reason to dislike you in the first place. I know people say you have insecurities but by the two of those foolish sisters attacking you like that for no reason displays nothing but their own. Fire Kim, Bravo.

Dear Brandi,

I have to say I really felt you handled the situation with Taylor well. She really seems to have some deep emotional problems and who knows how it could have turned out. And Kyle, well, don't let her bother you. She seems to really have no respect for people. She was mean to Camille too who by the way is probably out of all of them, the nicest one (although I do like Adrianna too). I realize you are doing a tv show and need to try to get a long with these ladie. Just don't get too caught up in all their soap opera and gossiping. You are way better then that. Stick with Camille and Adrianna....they seem like they would be really good and loyal friends to you. Glad you are on the show.

Good & bad, you seem authentic (a.k.a 'real')...I hope this is an accurate portrayal because you're starting to grow on me :)

ABSO-FRICKEN-LUTELY you had the right to kick Taylor out AND it was the best thing to do. Drunk or not! Someone just needs to tell her to Buck up and grow up. Everyone trying to be kind do to her situation well enough of HER situation! WE ALL gotta grow up eventually and Taylor’s time is now! Real simple people----real simple!

Brandi - I think you are a refreshing change. I didn't think you should have put Taylor out of the party because I felt that if Dee Dee hadn't confronted Taylor about a situation that was non of her business, the situation would not have gone to that level. Dee Dee needs to butt-out and mind her own business (if she has any). She seems to be so far up Camille's behind that she has nothing else to do and no life. Why is it that in every episode lately she's in it. Hopefully, she will not be a permanent fixture on the program. Camille is strong enough now to take up for herself.

You rock! Best on the show! You were absolutely right to ask Taylor to leave. Never trust Kyle, she shows over and over what kind of "friend" she is.

Dear Brandi,

I have had my reservations about you this season, but I think you have really tried to make amends and to build bridges with the other ladies on the show. Even though it hurts, forgive the ones who've hurt you and try to make amends where you can. You tried to reach out to Kim and she has continuously rebuffed you, so don't worry about it anymore. I look forward to seeing how you evolve on the show. Bless you!

Kyle is NOT your friend. She is a backstabber! Stay AWAY.

Can't really blame you for asking Taylor to leave. I understand she has big issues in her life, but unfortunately has a tendancy to start fights and drama at public gatherings and parties. I saw it last year on her own birthday with Kim. next she did it at Camilles Colorado retreat, then at Lisa's tea party, and finally at at your party. I would have not liked all that drama any more than you did. You did the right thing , since someone needed to put a stop to it.

It is very clear from Kyle's behavior from the beginning that she is a very insecure woman. First she insults you wearing a high heal, then shorts, then the lack of a bra (big deal!). The reason we all are now aware of the fact that she's a well seasoned "mean girl", is how naturally and fast she gathered the "not so sharp" women around her and began to make fun of you (while sitting very close to you) so you could hear. You can watch in past episodes that her husband looks blondes up and down. It's been clear from the beginning she's incredibly jealous of you and that is the entire reason for her ridiculous behavior.
Also, just as I'm sure you were "raw" after your ex-husband's betrayal, so too is Lisa after Fredrick's (not sure of his name) betrayal. He threatened to black mail her! Imagine right after what you went through being around someone who was buddy-buddy with your ex. It's not a great feeling. Lisa is a really good person and a great friend. I hope you don't hang out with that guy, he's bad news!
Anyways, good luck and sorry you are person that brings out all of Kyle's insecurities!

I love Brandi, I am so glad that she is now on the show. She is one of the only reasons I watch this season. I think she has been judged unfairly by the self absorbed narcissistic sisters. Karma is a you know what. Be strong Brandi and know that you are above all of their junior high teasing and jokes. I think you are a really cool girl and should hang with a new crew after this season unless they give you more time and treat you better. Love Camille too. Also, enough with the splits Kyle. Not everything is about you. please no more jumping around going look at me !!! Look at me !!!! I can do the splits !!!!

It is very clear from Kyle's behavior from the beginning that she is a very insecure woman. First she insults you wearing a high heal, then shorts, then the lack of a bra (big deal!). The reason we all are now aware of the fact that she's a well seasoned "mean girl", is how naturally and fast she gathered the "not so sharp" women around her and began to make fun of you (while sitting very close to you) so you could hear. You can watch in past episodes that her husband looks blondes up and down. It's been clear from the beginning she's incredibly jealous of you and that is the entire reason for her ridiculous behavior.
Also, just as I'm sure you were "raw" after your ex-husband's betrayal, so too is Lisa after Fredrick's (not sure of his name) betrayal. He threatened to black mail her! Imagine right after what you went through being around someone who was buddy-buddy with your ex. It's not a great feeling. Lisa is a really good person and a great friend. I hope you don't hang out with that guy, he's bad news!
Anyways, good luck and sorry you are person that brings out all of Kyle's insecurities!


I just want to say that it was Eddie's loss. You seem so much fun and level headed ontop of being gorgeous! May god bring you peace and happiness! xoxo

Beware of Kyle. She seems to be trying to put a positive spin on everything by saying you are now friends. Her reputation has been destroyed by her bullying of you this season. She's smart enough to realize she can only redeem herself by becoming your friend. She will never be a true friend and will only use you. I have felt such pain for you this season when they have unfairly targeted you with their jealousy. I have admired your courage in facing them when it must be so painful. I get sick to my stomach when Kyle is talking about you, when you can obviously overhear. The pain on your face is obvious. Good luck and please take comfort in the fact that most people seem to be siding with you.


I have to say I thought you handled the situation well at your party and asking Taylor to leave was the right move. Why you invited them, I don't know. Kyle can be just mean and rude. She was like that with Camille too. I think you are great and you really don't need them at all. Camille seems like she would be a good and loyal friend to you and Adrianne too. Glad you are on the show. Nice to see someone with some class. Don't let those ladies get to you:)

Brandi.......(deep sigh) I really feel for you. Sweet heart, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty here. What more is there. Kyle is obviously jelouse of you, or she would not work so hard to slam you for being AWESOME!
I too am the mother of 2 boys, 1 was a total streeker.Boys are boys! Kyle cant understand it because in her "perfect world" she only has girls, she has nooooo idea what little boys are like and the innocent relationship they share with their little weenisses.
You are holding so strong Brandi, id drop the effort to be Kyles and Kims friend. They are snooty, rude and ugly this season. Stick to Adrienne, Camille, and Lisa, I guess Dana too(im still wondering about her).
Taylor is a drama seeking "poor me" little victom. You did the right thing tossing her out of your party,I cant believe the way Kyle reacted, ThatS YOUR HOUSE! I would have done the same thing. She was ruining the night with all her "oops I drank to much and now im screaming like an idiot" BS.
It looks like you have some devoted friends out side the house wives, just keep hanging with them and the wives listed above. Hang in there! TEAM BRANDI!!!!!


YOU ARE NUTS!!!, the good kind, though. So glad they cast you on the show!

I have a different take on your beach party. I think Diedra ( is that her name?? ) was WAY OUT OF LINE!!!! Taylor was correct in her behavior. She was not going to create any drama and was just there for a little fun with the girls. When Diedra (whatever her name is) started telling her she "HAD" to talk to Camille tonight, right now, not ever later, she started a whole bad scene. Talor still had the composure to say "I will talk to her, but not here, not tonight, not at the party, and not with everyone around." She was verbally assaulted by all 6 or more of the others ladies, who did not respect her replies and tried to FORCE her to talk to talk to Camille NOW, this instant!!! They knew what was best for her and they were gonna get into it! She was physically surrounded by the pack of vehement overwrought ladies. They invaded her space. At this point, if they were truly right, they should have BACKED OFF of her and gotten out of her face!! The more hurt Taylor became, the more they surrounded her and the louder and more demanding they got. They were the ones out of control! I don't know why people like to steal control from the person who needs their emotional support and self-righteously holler at her what (they think) she has to do. They did not respect her when they insisted on barging in. She would have been crazy to talk to Camille there, at that point. I like you Brandi but you definitely should have told Diedra to leave!! I was shocked when you told Taylor to. Talk about kicking someone when they're down!!!

i think brandi was wrong for kickin taylor out of her party yes i understand that was her party but she could of at least understand where taylor was comin from but de de had made the situation worser by sayin stuff thats good that she stuck up for her friend and kyle did rite by standin by taylor side i understand how that is

That was hilarious watching Kim do her washing ...folding up 100 towels...she practically lives on her own so what are all the towels for? Then she just sits there on her washing machine staring out the window looking so boring lol The reason Kyle has taken Taylor under her wing is cuz Kimmie has kicked Kyle to the curb so Kyle needed to find someone else just as messed up as her sister that would NEED her and put up with her control freak issues....cue Taylor Armstrong. The fact that Taylor supports a Violence Against Women charity and yet was being abused herself is quite disturbing, I hate to think of what advise she may have given to other women in this situation as by her own example she stayed and put up with it for all those years for the sake of not being "alone" and living a more realistic lifestyle with her daughter.
Well Brandi you have certainly shaken things up on Season even seems Kyle has a bit of a crush on you, judging by how she just could not stop talking about your nipples ALL night at the party. Spreading her legs and wiping her you know what on that beautiful white carpet was just wrong wrong wrong :-/
Your friend the belly dancer is stunning is she also a model? It was a real shame that Kyle was behaving like a 2 year old (as usual) while the belly dancer was trying to give instructions it was quite rude and disrespectful of Kyle to mock the belly dancer teacher and to also make fun on the hostess behind her back with her snide comments. I was happy not to have to watch Dana at the party she is such a turn off always trying to insert herself into the lives of the Richards sisters or any of the other RHOBH ladies that she thinks will help her get the most fan base so she can stay on the show - major fail for Dana so far.
Sorry for what you have been through with your ex Brandi, I just saw the pictures of him and the stick insect all over each other at your sons soccer match, all I can say is you are one amazingly tolerant women to put up with that stick of a women there behaving like she is your son’s mother...that’s just sick sick sick. Hope to see more of you on RHOBH and can't wait to see you on the show with your foot out of its cast! :))

You do not fit in with the Beverly Hills people. You and Camille should take off together. You two deserve each other.

From the number and content of posts I think you get it that we want to keep you.
Lucky you. Or not (considering this season).
Let's hope next one will be better, and that you will be full time HW.
Just be yourself, you seem lovely person.

You totally upped your real estate with me this last episode. I never hated you (why would I, I don't know you) but I was upset at your comments to Kim and you never took responsibility for that. I am happy that you invited her and you did try with her, but I think if you were to send her an email apologizing to her, maybe she would take you more seriously.

Okay that said, I thought you were absolutely correct to toss Taylor from your party. She was rude, insulting and just crazy out of control and thank you for having the guts to tell the truth instead of skirting around her like all the other ladies are doing. You really did look a bit tipsy there, yes your dress was see through, but like you said, you're a free spirit. I agree you were married to a hot husband, but unfortunately for you and your boys, you had to learn the hard way that good looking guys aren't always the prize. You can and will do much better.

Your friend's home was gorgeous, Taylor should talk about small homes, she lives in a shoe box just to have the zip code. Your party looked like my kind of party, a bunch of ladies getting together with nice wine, some great food (too bad we didn't get to see more of the food) and some fun dancing. Linda Thompson had it right, we're women and we shouldn't act like animals, or however she phrased it. So kudos to you Ms. Glandville for becoming one of my favorite non-official housewives and thank you for not inviting Pam and her 25K sunglasses, she probably would have showed up with a breadstick anyway!

Your recount of the events and calling out others really shows how immature you are. Where are high school still? You might be fooling viewers but I am not at all impress with you. You dress, behave and talk trashy. If Bravo decides to keep you I hope we can see your true colors.

It seems that nipples and all( I Could not believe after all she had to make a mean girl comment then pass it off as a joke!! about your dress..UGH!) that you have more brains than a couple of them put together..We all out here in TV land can figure out that Taylor is a liar and is the Queen of the passive aggressive game playing..Alcohol or not, her true distorted take on things comes shining through..She has the nerve to blame Camille for putting danger in her life WHAT!! Shes the one that blabbed her business to these women and stressed them out and then blames them for reacting!!?? She is the one who stayed with her sugar Daddy and kept herself and HER BABY in danger,,And shes not a ignorant wall flower she works with a domestic violence group for six years thats what she said six years!!! And please so glad you did not invite Dana she is the most obnoxious woman I have ever seen!!! And shes Taylors friend..go figure..

Loving Brandi, she is the only person to call the others girls on their nonsense!! Please become a fulltime cast member Brandi. You are beautiful inside and out.


Brandi you are awesome! I hope BRAVO keeps you on as a permanent!! Get rid of nut job money hungry Taylor and put you in her spot!! I think you will and can add a lot to the show! You don't hold back ever! And say what you want! I luv it!! Your outfits are hot too! Hey you have the looks and body, so flaunt it girl! I totally would if I looked like you! :) I wouldn't bother trying to be friends with kyle, or Kim. Kim obviously needs to leave the show, what the heck does she ever do?! She NEVER goes to places with the girls and she is all private and doesn't do anything! BRAVO kick Kim off too and get another person to fill her spot! I want to see and hear you going off on homewreacker Leanne Rot-in-h*ll! I feel that name is appropriate for her! Luv you! And hope to see you on the show next season! And make sure to bring the claws out at the reunion! Kyle is a fake two-faced person, and needs to be called out on it! She is an attention wh*re too and can't stand it, when someone else is in the spotlight. Who is she or Kim anyhow?! Hello aren't they like 50?! LOL!

OK, Brandi, I could care less that Kyle, Kim and Taylor acted pathetic and attention starved at and to you. Let them, it simply shows their insecurities of the women they’re become. They didn’t make it and think this show is finally their moment to shine and be on camera. They really have no idea that we’re laughing at them, not with them. Boo hoo to their past child star, never got to be an actress, or bad marriage. At least Kim is getting help. If it’s because of this reality show then so be it. It SHOULD have been because of her poor children who have to live in fear with an addicted Mother but whatever, as long as she truly handles it. We’ll see. The odds aren’t good. It’s a selfish disease.
But, what I DO care about, and what I know this all boils down to, is who gets the spot next year on this show, you or Dana. It had better be you. Dana is deplorable because she came on the show, but kissing the team she thought held court because of last year. She didn’t show us who she is bravely like you did. She clung on to the past stars. This is the kiss of death for any reality. She’s done. The way she sided at her game night was revolting and classless. She has no place on this show and we viewers are growing tired. She needs to go now and let us weed through the other storylines. She’s a diversion of absolutely no importance. You bring a real person to the table and you did not have an agenda going in and they think they’ve made you suffer but in fact, they’ve made your image stronger. Watch now s dana back peddles to catch up to a plce she’ll never be. YOU should be the permanent housewife and I’m sure Bravo knows this. If they keep her on they will lose this viewer. I know the show needs a mean girl but we already have three-Kyle, Kim and Taylor. Get rid of Dana.

Even though Dana wasn't there, it isn't hard to imagine what she would have done if she had been. She would have walked in and told everybody what designer/s she was wearing, then she would have made sure you understood how expensive her clothing and jewelry were. Then she would have stuck by Taylor and Kyle desperately laughing at everything Kyle did or said, and trying to interject wry comments at inappropriate times. In the end, perhaps in the limo, she would have been making snide comments about you - because she still holds it against you that you called her "Pam" at her game night - when she had only given Kim "permission" for that great "privilege." -lol- Plus, you made that comment/joke about her boyfriend at Adrienne's barbecue, that will probably remain unforgiven forever.

You are beautiful...inside and out. Cameras do not lie You are the most real woman on the show. I wish you all the best.

~ Jo Anne

Brandi I love you girl !!! Tylor is a NUTJOB ! Kyle is a phony Camaille is hella cool .....Lisa is awesome Adriane is hot as hell Brandi do your thing girl you ROCK on that show , maybe Tylor can go get high with Kyles sister LOL xoxoxoox peace of love to you Brandi !

You did nothing wrong. Taylor loves playing the victim--most of which has been developed in her own mind. She blamed her poor husband (can you imagine living in the same house with her), then Lisa and now Camille. To be honest it's pretty evident that all she wants is camera time. Kyle and she belong together. It is nothing short of despicable the way that Kyle treats you and backstabs you whenever she can. Her 15 mintues of fame has gone to her head. I'm sure her husband is so very proud of his "mean girl/bully" wife. Ignore her and the rest of the pack that plays her game - you are so far above her she can't stand it. Hang in there. Taylor and Kyle will eventually turn on each other--that's the way of mean girls. Then, I'm sure, Kyle will be looking for someone to support her. She has burned all her bridges and deserves whatever she gets.

your awesome, becoming the star of this show, keep up the great job! Stick with Camille, she knows the ropes, and as far as Taylor, used up drunk, always having a breakdown! her insult about the house, she rents her house? I am so sick of her and her breakdowns, I think they are mostly related to drinking toooooo much.


I think your amazing and a wonderful addition to the show. I feel badly that Taylor used your gathering as another "give me attention I'm miserable" event! I truly believe the producers etc, need to get rid of Taylor and Kim. Kim obviously needs help and the show wont help her. Taylor just needs to blame someone for everything in her life and if and when people have an issue with you, its all out of jealousy because your so rel and down to Earth!
If the other ladies want to be snobby, than they should look in the mirror and realize that we are all the same..its just our wallets that make them think they are different!
Oh, and Thank GOD you didn't invite butt kissing Dana! UGH..not sure why they brought her in :-/

Hi Brandi

Sorry that she is suffering but Taylor has horrible manners. She wasn't having a break down she was being her true self. She was drinking too much. She talked loudly about TRUE FRIENDS in an attempt to goad Camille into a confrontation but then didn't want to talk to her? Please... Then DD took the bait which probably angered Taylor because she wanted to abuse Camille not deal with DD.

Taylor is out of her league wanting to cat fight with these ladies.

Then, much to her surprise, someone just called her on her behavior. Good for you. She wasn't in any danger. I don't believe any of it.

On the way to the HodeeOdo Birthday Bonanza for Kennedy she told Russell about what Camille said. If she was really thought that Camille had endangered her she would have and should have talked to Camille about it as soon as possible. She was just looking for drama.

You may not know who Winston Churchill is but I think you've got these 'ladies' figured out.

O.k. I have never responded to anything on line, but I really felt the need to do it after this episode. First of all.... I think the viewers were prepared NOT to like you. Before the season started, the tabloids had made it appear that you and Cedric were best friends, and since I love Lisa, I was mad that they were going to put you on the show. Well, shame on me!!! I love you!!! I totally get your humor...I'm the mother of little boys who have pee'd outside, I sometimes have a potty mouth (not in front of my sons), and if i had your body....I would walk around NAKED!!!! I know you want to fit it.....just stay close with Camille, Adrienne, and Lisa. They are true friends. As far as Kyle is concerned.........she's showing her true colors! Steer clear of the kooks!!!!! Also, if you ever come to Ohio, I definitely want to hang with you!!! Lol!!

Best wishes!

Brandi, sometimes you're not as likable as I think you really could be and I know this is difficult because I really don't know why you would want to be friends with some of these women. And I'm sure you wouldn't but you need to be for the show. You were treated shabbily on game night. Kim and Kyle were way out of line and I think you had a hard time because you don't know how to handle people like that. Really, who does. You were right on the money to ask Taylor to leave. And Kyle and her nipple comments...if that's all she can find to pick on than I'd say jealousy is what it's about. You're doing just fine trying to handle this group of nut cases. Stick with Adrienne.

Loved your outfit! I thought the catty meeeeeeoouchhhhhh of the rest was tacky. Taylor is a wackadooodle!

Hi Brandi,
I totally agree that Taylor should have stayed home, since she didnt feel that she could cope from the beginning. At least Kim realized it and stayed at home. Kyle, as usual, was rude, I mean, hello, attentionseeking!
Your party should have been a success, if some of the women could act like adults: Taylor, Kyle and Dedee espesially.

Brandi! - bra or braless...
since this seems to be an issue, with Kyle, at least.... this would be the PERFECT time for you to "support" a line of your own brassieres + lingerie!!!
it's your time to shine!
all good wishes!


You have been a breath of fresh air on a show with mean girls. You are secure in who you are and a beautiful person. Hang in there and own it!
Best wishes!!!

Brandi I love you!

I felt so bad for you in this episode, you went through all that trouble to throw a fabulous party and they ruined it! Taylor needs some meds and a straight jacket. Her behavior at your party was ridiculous, If one of my acted that way I would tell her its time to go, I have no clue why Kyle got so upset she should have agreed. I mean she was holding a grown woman back on a table for goodness sake! Also you looked absolutely amazing in that dress. Any unkind comments where made by the green eyed judgmental monster known as Kyle. I noticed people where jumping on you for commenting about the splits, but seriously if you did that at her party you would never have heard the end of it. You are absolutely gorgeous and awesome don't let this show change you!

Brandi, you are as cute as a bug -- just keep on being yourself! I am so enjoying you and the new energy you bring to the table.

Nipples...yes, we should all be offended that you can see the outline of nipples. Wait a minute--didn't Jennifer Anniston (on Friends) always having her "high-beams" on? Brandi's party was just for women and so what if the other women could see her nipples. Kyle, when at home, seems like a loving mother, but when out with others always seeks to have the attention focus on her.

Brandy you are awesome!!!! And Leanne is so ugly and you can do better but he is really hot!!!!

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