Brandi Glanville

Brandi discusses why she wasn't afraid to take on the Richards sisters, even on one foot.

on Oct 10, 2011

Kyle was condescending to me the whole night (full disclosure: she did offer to help me down the stairs at one point). So when she jumped up and walked over to me pointing her finger and said, "IQ tests starting with you," I'd had all I was going to take. I may not have known who Winston Churchill was, but I know one thing, these beyotches don't scare me -- even with only one good foot. I know I can hold my own. Kyle deserved my reaction. Kim called me a whore, and I agreed sarcastically, "Yes, I'm a slut." I think we have already established that at the BBQ. I'll just agree with whatever they said because they were so off base. I am none of the mean things they called me. I spoke the truth and said that Kim has been acting like a lunatic all night. She has spent half the night in the bathroom and everyone was acting like it wasn't happening! Their response? To get in my face as I'm sitting in my chair. Kim may have hidden my crutches, but she didn't scare me. So, I stood up balancing on one Michael Kors wedge and let these ladies know I was not taking it anymore. I was upset, I was fired up, and I was fighting a war alone.

Surprisingly enough, the saddest part of the night was when social-climbing Dana jumped on the mean team wagon. It wasn't sad because she hurt my feelings, it was sad how pathetic she became through this process. It's clear that she has had a rough time with women, because I’ve never seen such a sad display of insecurity and such a desperate attempt for acceptance. Remember this, ladies: it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.


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