Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville shares her feelings on her confrontation with Kim.

on Nov 23, 2011

OK, so Kennedy's birthday: first and foremost, the kids seem to have a wonderful time and Kennedy seemed to be truly happy with her mom and dad, and that made me happy to see. 

The showdown music between Kim and me was hilarious!!! I looked so bewildered and nervous; it was uncomfortable for me to watch! Plus it was hard for me to wobble around on that boot. I did manage to make it across the grass to see Paul attempt that mechanical bull. I hope he's a bit smoother in the bedroom! Haha. The man's got heart; I'll give him that much! I'd also like to note that I think Dana was really underappreciated. She worked really hard and seriously broke a sweat putting that party together. I give props where they're do and Pammy deserved some!

OK. Until next time and Happy Turkey Day!


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