Camille Grammer

Camille explains her camel snuggling and wonders if happy days are here again.

on Nov 4, 2011

It's funny how Lisa spoke about people not answering their phones in Beverly Hills because most of my phone calls do end up with me chatting with the voicemail. It's just easier to text to reach out to your friends. Believe me, most people in Beverly Hills actually text.

I wasn't surprised at how shocked Kyle was at seeing her mother-in-law after the facelift. Visiting anyone post-surgery for the first time can be traumatic. Kyle walked in and noticed Estella's bandaged and swollen and almost unrecognizable face. Kyle can be sensitive. She mentioned it made her think about how it would be to lose Estella. I am sure that did bring on deep unsettling feelings and emotions.

Now on to the party...

I love animals. I'm a big animal lover. So when I got out of the car I just wanted to walk over to the camel and pet him. It was so delightful because as I started to pet his forehead, he actually leaned forward. You could see his head come down to rub up against my head. It was very sweet. We definitely had a moment. Being such a big animal lover, I was very touched. Back then, it was probably the most snuggling I had done in some time. I had to go and find a camel for a snuggle.