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I've Been There

Camille feels for Brandi and gives us the scoop on her slightly askew spray tan.

First. let's talk about Adrienne's cooking skills. I was thoroughly entertained watching Lisa and Adrienne cook chicken in Adrienne's kitchen. I really adore these women. I got a huge chuckle when Adrienne started washing the chicken with soap. That was a riot. I related to her speaking about salmonella poisoning as I've had food poisoning several times, and you definitely want to prepare food carefully so as not to get sick from it. I really, really enjoyed that scene. It's probably one of the most entertaining moments of the season so far. I'm sure, even though Adrienne states that she doesn't like to cook, she knows how to prepare a meal (of something) for her family.

As to the discussion of Brandi calling herself names, Brandi can be self-deprecating at times and doesn't hold back. Honestly when she's calling herself names, she's just doing it for the sake of the show. I don't believe Brandi really thinks of herself that way. If anything, she's just trying to be humorous and maybe a little sarcastic. I definitely doubt she believes any of it and would not say it if she did.

Adrienne's spa day was pretty spectacular. It was amazing she had all of these incredible gadgets and facial treatments and manicurists and estheticians. How wonderful to have all of that in your home. I was very, very impressed with the spa layout, the food, the equipment, massages, and everything that was available to us.

Then my time in the tanning booth. . . First of all Adrienne handed me a pair of skimpy little G-string underwear that were pink and really pretty since I didn't know what to wear. Usually I tan nude, but I wanted to wear something. I just had a feeling the girls would be checking in on me. Well, we had a good laugh during my tanning when they kept opening the door while I stood there almost naked. So one side of my body got tan and the other didn't because I kept moving to the side of the booth trying to hide from them. We had a lot of good giggles. It certainly seemed entertaining for the girls, and, being a good sport, I thought it was pretty funny, too. It wasn't the most effective spray tan, but it was probably the most fun I've had joking around in a tanning booth.

We entered the spa day with the idea of experiencing healing and pampering. Adrienne provided an amazing experience to enjoy and it was a day of wonderful treatments. We were supposed to immerse ourselves in luxury and relaxation. All of a sudden we find ourselves confronted with this ongoing argument between the Richards sisters and Brandi.

Watching this episode I felt really bad for Brandi. Seeing her get upset was distressing for me because I've been there. Last year with the girls I was the outsider and nobody understood me. No one had my back. Being in that position is very difficult. Maybe was a misunderstanding or it could be that sometimes certain personalities just don’t mesh. I thought it was fine for her to try to extend an olive branch to Kyle and Kim at Adrienne's. Kim was obviously very upset with Brandi's comment about her taking a certain substance (which I don't believe she does). I can understand Kim, but I can also understand how Brandi feels. It's hard to know the right time to apologize. I am proud of Brandi for walking into the group and saying, "Listen, what should I do?" and asking for Adrienne's advice, and then going to Kyle and saying "I want to apologize for what I've said." In reviewing the episode, there should have been apologies on both sides. They all should have sat down - Kim, Kyle, and Brandi - and just talked. But Brandi did apologize. I think once you truly apologize all should be able to move on instead of keeping it going. Life's too short. Forgive and let the healing begin.

I'm fond of Brandi. I personally enjoy her. She's funny. She's entertaining. I'm also fond of Kyle, she is very funny and witty, so it's hard. I mentioned in an earlier interview of a new blossoming friendship with Brandi and an established relationship with Kyle. It's awkward and it would be nice for the women to get along, especially after the year I've been through. I want peace in my life. I want all of my girlfriends to enjoy each other because life is too short. We should take every moment we have and enjoy it now. Put all this cattiness aside and have fun. I am optimistic that with time these girls will become great friends.

Brandi has gone through a hard time herself, and she's two years ahead of me. I'm still going through the process as Kelsey and I haven't settled our legal affairs yet. During this time in my life I just want to heal and move forward. I hope my girlfriends can understand I don't want to be thrown in the middle of any arguments. I'd rather have them resolve their arguments, and if I can help I would love to be a part of it. What's so complicated about all of this is that I like everybody. I like each and every one of them, so it's difficult to watch them argue. In that situation, what's the correct procedure? What do you do? Do you give advice when asked? Do you overstep boundaries and offer advice?

We will see down the road how things work out. At this point, I didn't know Brandi that well. I'd met her three times but we hadn't shared any alone time together. I do sympathize with her because what we're going through with our exes is very similar. I'm still living through it and healing. I've come a long way and I'm in a really good place right now. My life and focus are my children, and caring for my mother with her health issues. So when I'm with my friends I want to enjoy their company and not get wrapped up in the distractions. I just hope for some peace and harmony for all of us.

There are still so many twists and turns this season you wouldn't want to miss. So don't make any assumptions of what will happen next.