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The New Girl

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The New Girl

Camille shares why she feels for Brandi and what she loved about this week's episode.

Another episode with so many facets, where to begin. . .

Two aspects of this week's episode struck a note with me.

First, the BBQ at Adrienne's home -- what a fun day. It was just the perfect break during a hectic week and a welcome opportunity to get together with the ladies for some female bonding. I have to say, it was one of those days in life that I would happily relive. I had a delightful day doing two things I truly enjoy, spending time with my children and laughing with friends. Maybe it was the light atmosphere set by children giggling and playing together, but we certainly found ourselves in a joking, teasing, playful mood. I think having a sense of humor is just as important a coping mechanism as it is a gift for everyday life.

Secondly I would like to comment on Brandi Glanville. When I watched this week, it was so easy for me to have empathy for her. We have both experienced a recent divorce. It is one thing to go through a divorce, and quite another to have the rug ripped out from under you in a very publicly humiliating way. Our situations were similar enough that I couldn't help but feel some of her sadness. The media always adds to this situation with the constant coverage of a personally painful (and for most people private) journey. It is difficult to not let the circumstances define you when everyone feels they know your personal struggles and agony. There are only two people that truly know what happens in their marriage.

I think it is great that Brandi holds her head high and is taking on new challenges instead of letting life roll over her. She has already proven she is no push over.

The other reason I empathize with Brandi this week is she was introduced to a whole new group of women by Adrienne. That was very kind on Adrienne's part, but always a challenge for the newcomer. The prospect of new friends is a nice thought when you’re leaving a long term relationship; but let’s face it, this can be a tough crowd. I felt like the newbie last year so I understand this can be a stress-inducing situation. Sometimes the wrong thing is said or things don't come out the way they were intended. I can only say: I wish her well, and maybe new friendships will be her reward for extending herself out of her comfort zone.