Camille Grammer

Camille shares why she feels for Brandi and what she loved about this week's episode.

on Oct 6, 2011

Another episode with so many facets, where to begin. . .

Two aspects of this week's episode struck a note with me.

First, the BBQ at Adrienne's home -- what a fun day. It was just the perfect break during a hectic week and a welcome opportunity to get together with the ladies for some female bonding. I have to say, it was one of those days in life that I would happily relive. I had a delightful day doing two things I truly enjoy, spending time with my children and laughing with friends. Maybe it was the light atmosphere set by children giggling and playing together, but we certainly found ourselves in a joking, teasing, playful mood. I think having a sense of humor is just as important a coping mechanism as it is a gift for everyday life.