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The Pressure's On

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The Pressure's On

Camille shares why she was so nervous to speak at the luncheon and gives us an update on her mom's sitatuion.

I already touched on Game Night in my last blog, but I do want to address a couple of comments Kim made that evening.

First: slut pig -- that was a riot. Hilarious, I loved that. We should have slut pig shirts made. Between that and "Big hands, Big feet, Big disappointment," we could have a whole line this season.

Now to Kim's other comment, when she mentioned me making her uncomfortable last year: I thought Kim's comment was a bit sarcastic, and even though she was joking I felt that it was a bit of a dig. It hurt for a second, but, after everything I’ve been through -- "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me." I think when you’ve been through so much, the catty stuff doesn't seem as important. But at that second, it did bite a bit, because I've never gone after Kim. I've never said anything negative about her, and, if anything, I've always been fair to Kim. When Brandi cornered me and asked me a very uncomfortable question, I didn’t want to say anything about that because it’s not my business.

Watching this episode was ironic because my mother is in the hospital right now due to complications from surgery. I tweeted that yesterday, and I've gotten a lot of support from my fans out there, so thank you so much for your thoughts. My mom was diagnosed at the age of 46 with ovarian cancer. She was in remission for 17 years, until two years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. Now she has to go in every three to five months for surgery and for chemo, and now she's in the hospital for complications, but she’s doing well. She's hanging in there.

So tonight's episode was, of course, very emotional and poignant. When cancer affects somebody in the family, the whole family is affected. It's not just that one person, it's the whole family, and we’re there to support her. My mom and I and go out and do whatever we can. If we can raise money and raise awareness for early detection, I think that’s the best protection. In the past fifteen or twenty years, the medical community has made huge strides, and it's because of that my mom's still alive today. And thank god for that.

At this event my mom was being honored by John Wayne Cancer Institute, so I was asked to speak. You know, I can go on a talk show and be fine, but with my mother there and my friends sitting around the table I felt the pressure, especially since it was a sensitive and emotional topic. Plus it was the first time I had all the girls together at an event like that, and after Game Night and knowing that not everyone was talking, there was some added stress. I get very emotional when I think of my mom and her battle, and also others that are going through this. It's not just my family, but many of my friends are going through this with family members, and there are millions of people out there that go through this as well. It's emotional for me to discuss it, so you see me start to flub and stumble all over my words (as I'm doing even now). You can see I barely got through. I felt like the pressure was on!

It's so very important for me to be involved in raising awareness and funds for cancer research. I'm so proud of my mom and I admire her faith and especially strength. In everything that she's gone through she’s really been there for me, and that's incredible.

On a lighter note, Lisa meeting the wedding planner seemed as if it was straight out of the movie Father of the Bride. What a character. I loved Lisa's expression when he mentioned it would cost a million dollars for a Beverly Hills wedding, and she's like, "No! Not this wedding.' I know if anybody can put together a beautiful wedding that looks like a million dollars, Lisa can -- without spending that much. Lisa's very capable, and she'll be able to create something as fabulous while keeping the cost to something that she felt was appropriate for this event. It was exciting to see the process of that happening and the beginning of Pandora's excitement, so that was something very positive.