Dana Wilkey

Dana explains the cycle of frustration and isolation that abuse can create.

on Nov 13, 2011

I’m pretty passionate about the subject matter of today’s episode. I love Taylor and that is why I didn't want Lisa at her Investor Business Daily event. Lisa's friendship with Taylor up to this point had not consisted of much more than back handed compliments, and she was barely cordial to me, so I thought her coming would be bad for Taylor's confidence.

I am very protective of Taylor in general. At the Tea Party, I know Taylor was telling her "truth" to Lisa, not to be hurtful, but to try and get the B.S. between the two of them out of the way (so they could try to have a real friendship). I know her intentions were not to do anything negative -- Taylor isn't that person. I thought she was very brave in this episode. I feel that Lisa does not like controversy and so she often jokes off her disapprovals, which can be hurtful to others without her realizing it. I was disappointed in the way Camille chose to address her concerns about what Taylor had told her. In my opinion, it came off angry, but this is to be expected as I will explain.