Dana Wilkey

Dana shares the life lessons she's learned with her daughter and her fans.

on Dec 3, 2011

This week you meet my daughter Chloe. She is 22 and in her final year at college on the east coast. I am hoping for her to come to L.A. after she finishes, and stay with me while she interns for my new company Thin Shot. She is so amazing, and I was so happy when she agreed to go to Adrienne’s fashion show with me. She is such a great sounding board, and when I feel completely like an outsider with the girls, she reminds me “who cares mom -- you rock.” We planned my wedding together, discussed some pretty serious vanity issues, shopped for our seasonal purses, and she helped me with Kennedy’s b-day set up. She is one of my favorite people because we can banter together about mom and daughter stuff and she’s so smart, so it’s very entertaining for me to hear her responses to my antics. I love to give her advice too. I left home at 15 and had to work my way through high school and college so I learned a lot of lessons along the way. Here are some of the things I have learned and have shared with my daughter.

1. The best men end up with two types of women: well-rounded women who try to have a balance of all good attributes and supermodels. Choose one and be it. I tried for the former.

2. Always be honest with yourself if you feel like you’re doing the wrong thing you probably are.

3. Spend time to know who you are, the good and the bad, and don’t think by changing it you are not being true to yourself because this is a lie. Everyone is a work in progress.