Dana Wilkey

Dana is disappointed she wasn't invited to Hawaii, but happy she was home to support Taylor.

on Jan 2, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you prosperity and good health.

I really value loyalty in my friendships, and I was really upset with the way the ladies handled the situation with Taylor at the White Party. I knew the women doubted Taylor because she kept going back to Russell and they couldn't understand the behavior, but as I have learned through my work with 1736 this is pretty typical in the cycle of abuse.

Taylor and I actually met at my house after The White Party while the girls were in Hawaii and had a heart-to-heart about the situation. I tried to remind her what we learned by working with 1736 and tried to show her using the paperwork that she probably, without realizing it, was following the pattern. I also agreed with her that it was time to leave, as her relationship seemed to be getting worse.

I was disappointed that I wasn't invited to Mauricio's birthday and that Brandi went with Camille, but I was happy to be home to support Taylor as best as I could.