Dana Wilkey

Dana shares why she loved this episode and the scoop on her boy genius and her $25,000 sunglasses.

on Oct 3, 2011

So I just want to say that I am 5'3" with 34DD natural boobs and was a size 6, as you see me on the show at Adrienne's barbeque -- so don't listen to Ken and Lisa, that isn't chubby. I'm just not a size 0 like the other women, but I am proud to be a 4 and happy where I am now. TV does add 10 pounds!

Now we come to the glasses -- there is a store on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills called Luxuriator, and it is the infamous store that I got my $25,000 glasses at. Take my word for it, the store is breathtaking! Actually Franco, the owner who is an amazing personality in his own right, has glasses that go up to $100,000 -- so my pair is small fry. Certainly these sunglasses are not for someone who loses their glasses a lot or hasn't bought their fill of cars and jewelry. They aren't going to feel super different then than a regular pair of high-end glasses. But if you are a person who loves to wear jewels daily and can afford it, I can tell you they are beautiful and loads of fun to wear, because, as we have seen from the show, they are a great conversation piece. The way I look at it these glasses are piece of art. Jewelry with function not just shades. To each their own!

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