Dana Wilkey

Dana shares how she mended fences with Brandi, and why she was trying to help Kim do the same.

on Dec 19, 2011

I also want to say for the record that Kim's boyfriend seemed really nice and she seemed really happy with him, so I wanted to give him a chance and be as supportive as I could when they got to the party. I think they felt uncomfortable.

It's amazing how much drama went down at the party that I was not aware of. I was having a great time, taking photos with Brandi, dancing and hanging out with my son Conor, and I didn't realize what was going on with Taylor until someone told me after she had already left. Although I understand why the group was uncomfortable with being around Russell, I feel like someone should have informed them before they got there especially since they flew home from Vegas for it. No one could have texted her beforehand? 

Was it really necessary that six people had to ask them to leave instead of one? I think one caring person could have handled the situation, if not for Kyle, then someone else. I felt bad that Kyle was in that position, and she was obviously very distraught. I guess everyone was pretty raw about the situation between Taylor and Russell at that point and couldn't deal with it anymore. My reaction to finding out Taylor was turned away should be on the next episode so you'll have to wait

Have Happy Holiday! I wish you all a great New Year!

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